Finding Nemo Tamil Dubbed TamilRockers Full Movie Review

Finding Nemo Tamil Dubbed TamilRockers

Finding Nemo Tamil Dubbed TamilRockers an American computer-animated adventure film from 2003, produced by Pixar Animation Studios and published by Walt Disney Pictures. The script directed by Andrew Stanton, with Lee Unkrich. The voices of film stars Albert Brooks, Ellen DeGeneres, Alexander Gould and Willem Dafoe.

Finding Nemo IMDb Rating : 8.1

It tells the story of an overprotected clown fish kidnapped by Nemo, with a large blue tongue named Dory, Marlin, looking for his son. Along the way Marlin learns to take risks and make peace with Nemo, who interested in him.

Finding Nemo Movie Story Line

In this incredible underwater adventure Finding Nemo follows with an impressive character, humor and sincere emotions in the comedy and important journey of the protected clownfish named Marlin (voice of Albert Brooks) and his son Nemo (voice of Alexander Gould). Nemo unexpectedly removed from the ocean house and thrown into a goldfish bowl in the dentist’s office.

Nemo is a young and happy clown who happily lives with his father, Marlin, at the Great Barrier Reef and wants to explore the ocean, but Marlin protects him a lot because the barracuda attack has also killed him for several years as his wife and his corals. Last year he left Nemo as the only survivor. On the first day of school, Marlin humiliated Nemo during her field visit.

Disney distributes Finding Nemo and offers the most intimate entertainment functions of Disney: the true images of intelligence. The film shot in Australia, mainly on the Great Barrier Reef, and about Marlin, a fish with widow-clown (with the amazing voice of Albert Brooks), a dentist about Marlin who struggled to find his son Nemo, caught in a tank and kept alive.

Finding Nemo Tamil Dubbed

Finding Nemo is the first Pixar film that has not been published by Randy Newman. His original album, Finding Nemo, released by his cousin Thomas Newman on May 20, 2003.

When discovering Nemo, Marlin and Mercan, a couple, settle in a luxury suburb to start a family and live the dream of an American clown. Potential parents expect to hatch their 400-year-old child when the tragedy occurs, leaving Marlin only as a widow to raise a child named Nemo.

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