Cinderella TamilRockers Full Movie Review

Cinderella TamilRockers

Cinderella TamilRockers is an Indian Tamil horror thriller film written and directed by VinooVenkatesh at the start of the staging. This film plays Raai Laxmi. The film is produced under the production banner SSi Productions and Aswamithra of Kanchana 2 fame has been roped into compose music for the film. Principal photography of the film commenced on October 2018.

Raai Laxmi will play an important role in Cinderella, a fantastic horror film. Now the producers have linked Sakshi Agarwal to an important role. Director Vinod Venkatesh said that Sakshi would play in roles that appear in most films. It was a tense role and he was already playing.

Cinderella Movie Story Line

The next film from Raai Laxmi, Cinderella. In one poster the actor has a terrible face on his bike Harley-Davidson and the second poster shows a wonderful duality for the diabolical character of Cinderella. The film was directed by the founder Vinod Venkatesh, former assistant S. J. Surya.

This project announced by the novice Vinoo Venkatesh, who was previously Deputy Director of S. J. Surya. Filming took place in October 2018 according to the most important sources. Raai Laxmi, part of the horror thriller Kanchana 2, will play the heroine. The first poster of the film released on November 4, 2018, with the three-dimensional aspect of Raai Laxmi.

Cinderella produced by SS Productions, which Isai had already produced in 2015. The film expected to released early next year. It is a film that focuses on women without love songs. Raai Laxmi will exhibited with three different avatars, including rock stars. The cinema in South India doesn’t have much music, so I want it to be a rock guitarist.

Raai Laxmi in Cinderella

This story set in Chennai and in the dense forest, and we intend to do the next part in Ooty or abroad. We intend to start photographing in October, starting the director and adding that the film has three main characters. Regarding the role of Raai Laxmi, he revealed: it will be a very urban role. He plays a rock star, guitarist.

This film funded by SS Productions and aimed at all target groups. Raai Laxmi will be different in this film, including Don 3, a rock star. Cinderella looks for ways to break stories as usual: “The prince saves the princess”, and according to information gathered, the character becomes a completely feminine film without the romantic vision of Raai Laxmi.

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