Come Play Tamil Dubbed TamilRockers Full Movie Review

Come Play Tamil Dubbed TamilRockers

Come Play Tamil Dubbed TamilRockers is a 2020 American horror thriller written and directed by Jacob Chase. The film stars Gillian Jacobs, John Gallagher Jr., Azhy Robertson, and Winslow Fegley. This film tells the story of the parents of an autistic elementary school student who try to protect their young son from being kidnapped by Larry, an evil human-like being who exploits the innocence of children.

Oliver is a young child with autism, non-verbally. Use a smartphone to communicate with others. He went to school and was mainly raised by his mother Sarah. Marty’s father spent most of his time at work to make a living. Sarah and Marty’s marriage got more difficult when Marty moved in. Oliver was intimidated and teased by his classmates about his condition.

Come Play Movie Story Line

One night Oliver sees an app on his smartphone called “Monster Misunderstood” that tells the story of the monster “Larry” who just wanted a friend. Strange things happened to Oliver after reading the story. The light went out automatically, while playing with the drawing app, a second face appeared on your tablet.


One night his mother spent the night so Oliver could socialize more. Oliver hid the pill for fear. One of the boys thought Oliver was hiding candy, taking a pill, and reading the story. The lights went out and Larry, visible only through the tablet’s camera, appeared. Larry attacks one of the children and Sarah goes to see what the rebellion was. A frightened boy blames Oliver for the incident.

Sarah immediately begins to see the strange things Oliver has done and hears the strange presence in the house. Sarah rushes to school to pick up Oliver and visit her ex-husband Sarah now trusts Oliver, but Marty doesn’t want to do this. That same evening, Marty takes Oliver to work as a park ranger.

Unbeknownst to Marty, Oliver took the tablet, and soon after, Larry began looking at it. Marty thinks the light is just a coincidence, but immediately picks up the tablet and sees Larry  taking Oliver to the ground. Marty took him home. Now people think they broke the tablet and everything is fine. The boy attacked by  Larry traumatized but quickly reveals what really happened.

Come Play Tamil Dubbed

One night at work, Marty attacked by Larry. At this point, it clear that Larry powered by electricity and can use any mobile device to communicate with humans. Marty injured but still alive. Larry then attacks Oliver while trying to bring the boy into his world. Sarah realizes that the threat has destroyed all armored electrical appliances in the house. Larry appears in physical form and can without a tablet. Oliver and Sarah enter an open space with no electricity, but when Oliver scared for the first time, his phone taken by one of the bandits and thrown in the same place. Larry appears and takes Oliver with him.

Oliver has to take Larry’s hand to enter Larry’s world, but Sarah appears and takes Larry’s hand and says “I’ll be your friend, Larry” to make the final sacrifice for her son. Oliver  watches Sarah for the first time in her last moments; It something Sarah struggled from within since she diagnosed. Larry took  Sarah and disappeared. Oliver lives with his father and they want to put up with his loss. Marty became increasingly involved in Oliver’s therapy.

One night, while I was sleeping, the lights went out and voices were heard downstairs. Laughter rose from the living room, and Marty rushed to see what had happened. He reached for his cell phone and saw Sarah and Oliver playing happily. Sarah says to her son, “I’ll protect you” when Marty smiles.

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