Corona Tamil Dubbed TamilRockers Full Movie Review

Corona Tamil Dubbed TamilRockers

Corona Tamil Dubbed TamilRockers, also known as Corona: Fear is a Virus, is an emerging Canadian drama thriller about a group of people trapped in an elevator during the COVID-19 pandemic. Written and directed by Mostafa Keshvari, this film explores xenophobia and racism associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Corona Tamil Dubbed TamilRockers couldn’t be more timely than this when director Mostafa Keshvari hailed the drama on the rise as the first COVID-19 movie of the coronavirus era.

“The idea came when I read the news about Chinese tourists being attacked in the elevator. He thought I was shooting in the elevator,” Keshvari told The Hollywood Reporter Monday. Recorded on stage in Vancouver and already fictional and ready for sale, the thriller uses the Chinese coronavirus outbreak to investigate fear and racism among stranded apartment renters.

Corona Movie Story Line

Corona Tamil Dubbed TamilRockers follows six unexpected neighbors who stranded in the elevator of their apartment building during the first phase of the COVID-19 crisis. They soon suspect that their seventh neighbor, a Chinese rookie played by Traci Tsai, the coronavirus and may infected after getting on the elevator.

Corona hand-shot all at once for added realism, and Keshvari encouraged the cast to improvise lines from their scripts to highlight their fear of trapped in an elevator and their fears of a possible coronavirus infection. . “You can see the rudeness of the characters. They talk to each other and their fears come true,” said the director.

The cast of Corona Tamil Dubbed TamilRockers includes Emy Aneke, who plays the black elevator mechanic. Zarina Sterling as a woman of a thousand years; Richard Lett as a white supremacist in a wheelchair; Andrea Stefancikova as a blonde woman; Josh Blacker as the building owner; and Andy Canete as the tenant.

When Indie first aired, Keshvari had no idea that COVID-19 was going to be a global pandemic currently spreading across North America. “It known as the Chinese virus, but now anyone can catch it. So it’s not just a race. Now humanity must unite to defeat the virus,” said the director. .

Andrea Stefancikova and Emy Aneke in Corona Tamil Dubbed

The Canadian filmmaker warned by Vancouver about the possible destruction of the coronavirus. American concerns about his own parents as a large Chinese-Canadian community faces fear and xenophobia over the rise of COVID-19. in Hubei province in China. It threatened by a virus epidemic in Iran.

“The fear of losing a loved one only increases the excitement of the movie,” said Keshvari. Originally he dreamed that Corona would be at the film festival, but now he’s looking for streaming shows. Horizon Motion Pictures sells Corona to buyers with worldwide rights.

What’s even more impressive about the Corona is that Keshvari can add a level of fashion art to the movie by filming everything in one shot. Maybe it should look like a distant 1917 cousin.

When this all over and we faced with infectious viral movies . Some from established writers, others from brave newbies. we need to make sure we don’t forget the coronavirus. We don’t have to take care of him because God knows time is precious, but we shouldn’t forget him.

“It known as the Chinese virus at the time, but now anyone can catch it. So it’s not just a race. Now humanity must unite to defeat the virus.” , said the Canadian director, adding: the difference.

Mostafa Keshvari originally planned to play “Corona” on the festival site. But the Canadian director is now looking for a show. However, no specific release date announced at this time.

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