Dia Tamil Dubbed TamilRockers Full Movie Review

Dia Tamil Dubbed TamilRockers

Dia Tamil Dubbed TamilRockers an Indian Kannada romantic drama film from 2020, written and directed by KS Ashoka and produced by D Krishna Chaitanya by Sri Swarnalatha Productions, was released in India on February 7, 2020 with scores of artists Pruthvee Ambaar, Dheekshith and Kushee in the lead roles. Dia film Music composed by B. Ajaneesh Loknath.

Ajaneesh B Loknath now in the post-production phase with the background score. The photo shoot taken as part of the Family Film Factory by two videographers Vishal Vittal and Sourabh Waghmare. The film is distributed by Karthik Gowda under the studio KRG, the sister of Hombale Films.

Dia Movie Story Line

This story unfolds at its own pace and turns away at the right time. This story warms the heart, makes your eyes darker and has a soul in place. Love stories often not told without songs in theaters. But it keeps you on the screen without a number. The film starts with an injured lover on a railroad track and shows his story with love, not just once, but twice.

The director surprised you for 110 minutes with a mix of facts, fictional friendship and the devil. Little romance, no songs, and in short, there is an exciting film without frills. The inspiration for the film The Blair Witch Project, but it not adapted to take into account local sensitivity when general reasons apply.

The director also tried “sound”. Ashoka works hard to manage the genre, rather than focusing on the unique characteristics. The girl who wants to express her feelings for the man in the film is not the opposite, as is usual in his Kannada films.

Dia Tamil Dubbed

Being the person behind director KS Ashoka makes it interesting. Famous for the first horror movie that tried 6-5 = 2, Ashoka tried romance. Although it is not a horror film, this film blurs you in certain scenes. If you look at it, you will certainly think of this quote, which is often seen behind taxis and cars: “Love is a slow poison.”

That’s not it. This story invites us to live and live. But it is not a lie to destroy the entire audience. Recently, Dia girlfriend becomes uncomfortable, especially when Adi and her mother arrive. Pruthvee Ambaar and Pavithra Lokesh are very close to acting. The hero Khushi conveys everything. His appearance reduced to the viewer in a small expression.

Refreshing, without extra stories that remain luxury and investments. There aren’t many stories on the screen that show a love story from the perspective of a woman, and this room shows a love story. It is not only for those who love the cotton candy love story that is about the level of emotional surfaces. Instead, this film is for those who want to experience cinema in a bold new style without commercial goods.

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