Dumbo Tamil Dubbed TamilRockers Full Movie Review

Dumbo Tamil Dubbed TamilRockers new American fantasy adventure film directed by Tim Burton in 2018 on the stage of Eh Burton Kruger. The film is based on the animation film Walt Disney from 1946 based on the novels of Helen Aberson and Harold Pearl. The film stars Colin Farrell, Michael Keaton, Danny DeVito, Eva Green and Alan Arkin follow a family of employees in finding a baby elephant has big ears and can fly and travel in a circus.

Medici sells Ny to prevent problems with public relations. The sons and daughters of Jumbo Holt, Joe and Milly Farrier spoke to Dumbo and discovered that he could fly by pulling his ears. The children also noted that the feathers were the key to Dumbo’s departure.

In another embodiment, the fireman acts as a clown to extinguish the Dumbo fire with water from the body. However, the versions are incorrect and Dumbo stands on a high platform surrounded by fire. Milly has endangered her life to send to Dumbo, and so her escape has assured her. The Dumbo flew and the audience was surprised when the news about his talent spread.

Dumbo Movie Story Line

In 1919, Holt Hoefsmid, the amputated cyclist and player of the First World War, returned to the circus under the Medici brothers Max Medici after the war. In the circus there were financial problems and the Medici, Annie Holt’s wife and wife had a circus horse to sell after the death of the Spanish flu epidemic. For this reason the Medici Holts founded the guardian of the circus of Asian elephants “Mrs. Jumbo”.

Lady Jumbo gave birth to a calf with unusually large ears and Medici ordered Holt to hide the ears before the viewer to see the calf. However, the calf has unknowingly revealed ears for the first time, and many people threw nuts and other items teasing the name of veal Dumbo. Mrs. Jumbo was shocked. He is angry with his son’s tyranny, angry with the ring, causing serious damage and accidentally killing a criminal while visiting Missouri Joplin.

Danny Elfman started scoring the film on October 4, 2017. He said: “[he and the production team] knew that Dumbo had to find Dumbo’s pure musical identity.” Elfman has developed a very simple main theme: “Burton, it was like a simple story. Elfman also wrote the background music for the scenes and themes of circus film, based on the experiences of the characters of the Medici and Vandevere. “bad thing”.

Dumbo Movie Release Date

In this Dumbo movie released March 29, 2019 by Walt Disney Motion Pictures Studios in RealD two and three-dimensional US and UK. Dumbo first held on March 11, 2019 at Ray Dolby Ballroom in Los Angeles. The Japanese prime minister celebrated on March 14, 2019 in Tokyo. The French Prime Minister met another European Prime Minister in Paris on 18 March 2019 and 21 March 2019 at the Curzon Mayfair Cinema in London. The film shown in RealD 3D, IMAX, IMAX 3D and Dolby Cinema.

From April 29, 2017, Dumbo had earned $ 107.5 million in the United States and Canada and $ 221.2 million in other regions. Worldwide it stood at $ 328.7 million, compared to $ 170 million in production budget. This film should compensate at least $ 500 million worldwide.

Dumbo Movie Official Trailer

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