Gauthamante Radham Tamil Dubbed TamilRockers Full Movie Review

Gauthamante Radham Tamil Dubbed TamilRockers

Gauthamante Radham Tamil Dubbed TamilRockers is an next Indian Malayalam drama film Directed by Anand Menon. This film Starring Neeraj Madhav, Renji Panicker, Basil Joseph and Biju Sopanam in the lead roles.

The movie released on 31 Jan, 2020. This film Produced by Bineesh Chandran, K.G. Anil Kumar and Music composed by Ankit Menon. Gauthamante Radham movie Cinematography by Vishnu Sharma and Film Editing by Appu N. Bhattathiri.

The Gauthamande Radham has experience with the title character of actor Neeraj Madhav and how his whole life has been transformed to fulfill his dream of owning a car. As he approached his dream, his middle-class parents (played by Renji Panicker and Devi Ajith) took a little less than he had imagined, which disappointed him. Although often mocked by his friends, he can lead him through his father’s life experiences.

Gauthamante Radham Movie Story Line

This is Anand’s first feature film, but not his first. She has been wearing shorts since grade 10. Eureka’s memory of how she wanted to entertain others happened while she was on stage in the eighth grade. “I understand my job is to entertain. I played, but I was more interested in the written part of the script. ” He made short films and even starred in several films, including the Magneto virus.

Neeraj Madhav has managed to do justice to this life film with his appearance. Director Basil Joseph is Venkidi’s main friend and helps show his friendship on the screen. However, Gauthaman’s relationship with his grandmother established by the experienced actress Valsala Menon, who harvested cherries. Actor Biju Sopanam also knows himself as Shibu Aashan. Actress Punya Elizabeth, who made her debut with Thobama, appeared a bit and is worth mentioning on the screen.

Ramachandran, a mail manager who loves cycling, bought a car for his son Gauthaman. However, he did not have the financial strength to buy the car Gauthaman wanted. He eventually bought a nano car for Gauthaman without telling him a second car. Even the family gave the name of the car “Nanappan”. While “Nanappan” is loved by all family members, Gauthaman hates it. This film miraculously describes how the hate “Nanappan” became love and affection.

Gauthamante Radham Tamil Dubbed

Stage development is an area where Anand Menon does not pass on his first idea of ​​love as a real soul. The comedy, which was very cartoonish at the beginning of the movie, has invested a lot. I see the second half of Gauthamante Radham as a process of concealment. Because the real memories of the car start here. But in addition to traveling with the family, other departments also feel unreal.

“He’s not the bad guy in our car movie. He is more than a funny and positive character. We have created a family artist that revolves around this car. But it is not a fantastic film. There is a lot of humor in this story, “says Anand, who is also a film editor. Anand continues to draw and tells this film about a funny situation that follows a small car entering the house.

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