IIT Krishna Murthy TamilRockers Full Movie Review

IIT Krishna Murthy TamilRockers

IIT Krishna Murthy TamilRockers is a next Telugu crime thriller film. Produced by Prasad Nekuri, IIT Krishnamurthy starring Prudhvi Dandamudi and Maira Doshi in the lead role. Music director Naresh Kumar composed the song and the score of the film. Yesu leads the camera and the editing is directed by Anil Kumar P.

With Prudhvi Dandamuri, the screen has caused a sensation among fans of social films. The film appears on February 24 and shares his first dark vision on social networks.

IIT Krishna Murthy Movie Story Line

Although the story speaks more of missing persons who commit corporate crime, the IIT Krishnamurthy team keeps the film under the veil.

After reaching the posters, the protagonists of the film Prudhvi, in the dark phase, as well as the posters and posters of the story of the teaser, write: Sentence: in the IIT language another sentence indicates that a person is missing and is too find via social networks: a corporate crime no.

Nagarjuna Manapaka’s film shows the music of Naresh Kumaran, with Yesu with a camera. Maira Doshi plays the female lead in the film.

Prudhvi Dandamudi in IIT Krishna Murthy

IIT Krishna murthy Teaser will be released on February 24, 2019 at 6:00 AM. Sree Vardhan is the director of the next sensational project that Prasad Nekuri produces under the Crystolyte Media Creations brand.

Vinay Varma, Bharathi Anand, Banerjee and comedian Satya will play a key role. The producer announced the first of the teaser on 24 February. In the summer, they want to make films around the world on 28 May.

Vinay Varma, Bharathi Anand, Banerjee and comedian Satya will play a key role. Naresh Kumar made music for the film, while Yesu P interested in the camera. Prem Kumar presents a film by Prasad Nekuri under Crystolyte Media Creations.

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