Kaala Koothu TamilRockers Full Movie Review

Kaala Koothu TamilRockers

Kaala Koothu TamilRockers is a 2018 Tamil romantic drama film written and directed by M. Nagarajan. Music composed by Justin Prabhakaran and Cinematography by P.V.Shankar. The film starring Prasanna, Kalaiyarasan, Dhansika, Srushti Dange, R. N. R. Manohar and Rajyalakshmi in the lead roles.

This film Kaala Koothu because he didn’t understand the director well. Now the team has hired actor Prasanna instead of Shaam and the team has started filming episodes¬† of the movie. A source gave us the most recent information: after Shaam left, the makers thought of Prasanna thinking it was the right role. Madras’ Kalaiarasan fame played an important role in the Kaala Koothu built in the context of Madurai.

Kaala Koothu Movie Story Line

The movie begins with a new boy named Easwaran who has joined Hari class. Direct Easwaran not preferred because of its drawn character. Hari fought with Easwaran and Easwaran broke his nose and Hari brought his parents to school. However, when Hari’s mother discovered that Easwaran an orphan, she said she could think of her mother. But he died within a few days. During his funeral, he took Easwaran Hari’s hand and comforted him.

Actor Prasanna and Kalaiarasan collaborated on an interesting project led by the controversial Nagarajan. The film temporarily called Kaala Koothu and may change in the future. Justin Prabhakaran is the music director of this film. While the film has four songs composed by one song so far, the recording of this trick has been partially completed with voices from Sathyaprakash.

Years later, when Hari (Kalaiyarasan) was in a long relationship with a student named Gayathri (Dhansika), a trained girl named Revathi (Srushti Dange) pursued Easwaran (Prasanna), who ignored her for fear of something. something bad will happen to you. The heroes became dangerous enemies as the local mayor’s son and broke his hand to beaten and mistreated Hari’s sister. Meanwhile, Easwaran received Revathi for Hari’s efforts.

Prasanna in Kaala Koothu

The movie opens with a long opening that creates friendships between the children of the Easwaran and Hari schools (we really hear it in the opening scene where Natpathigaram learned¬† at school to clarify the point). In the part of the movie, when we see that the kids started off with the wrong tone but eventually got closer: Easwaran’s parents dead and when they die on Mother’s Day, they tied to a tragedy common in their lives. We see them as twenty.

Directed by Nagarajan, Prasanna, Kalaiarasan, Dhansika, and Srushti Dange, she plays a leading role in this film. Mundasupatti cameraman Shankar known for using the camera for this cool heroine with music by Justin Prabhakaran. The Kaala Koothu screenplay set against the backdrop of Madurai and nearly 80% of the plans appears to have executed.

Kaala Koothu Official Trailer

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