Kannad Gothilla Tamil Dubbed TamilRockers Full Movie Review

Kannad Gothilla Tamil Dubbed TamilRockers

Kannad Gothilla Tamil Dubbed TamilRockers is an 2019 Indian Kannada thriller film written and directed by Mayuraa Raghavendra. It was produced by Kumar Kanteerva under the name Shri Ramarathna Productions. The film plays Hariprriya with Sudharani in other important roles. The music from this film was published by Nakul Abhyankar. The photography and editing done by Giridhar Divan.

The first two words transferred to Bangalore immediately accepted as Kannad-Gothilla. This sentence is now an inspiration for the RJ films to become a director in Mayur. He couples actor Hariprriya as the hero of his first feature film.

Kannad Gothilla Movie Story Line

This story is based on a real event. In general, we get characters who represent only one person, but only a few can benefit from this. But at Kannad Gothilla I represent a large community both in Karnataka and around the world. This is a new concept in which Kannada is a movie hero.

Sudharani was ready to whistle on the screen with an avatar he had never seen before. RJ showed Kannad as a brave police officer in Gothilla, with filmmaker Hariprriya as filmmaker Mayuraa Raghavendra. The film shown for the first time before the presentation of the character Hariprriya. Shortly thereafter, Hariprriya gave her character the opportunity to perform certain actions that were crucial to the story. ”

Haripria will play a demonstrating role against people who do not know Kannada. He is also ready to teach those who know Kannada and do not speak the language. Moreover, this role will motivate Kannada to teach others. This film directed by Mayur Raghavendra.

Kannad Gothilla Tamil Dubbed

This film made by Kumar Kanteerava. The film released on September 6, 2018. Filming began on the same day. The film ended December 19, 2018. The film recently announced that they were looking for a new singer to sing the main song of the film. The team left the name of the song on the PRK audio channel.

This film shows what Kannadiga lives every time he hears what people from outside the country say: “Kannad gothilla“. It a film for those who come from other places and who are trying to learn the language and for those who are trying to teach it. We will not express our opinion about the language without preaching.

Kannad Gothilla Movie Official Trailer

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