Nungambakkam TamilRockers Full Movie Review

Nungambakkam TamilRockers

Nungambakkam TamilRockers aka Swathi Kolai Valaku is a Tamil crime thriller film directed by Ramesh Selvan D. S. The film starring Ajmal Ameer, A. Venkatesh in the lead roles. Music composed by Sam D. Raj.

Preparing a film based on the murder case at Nungambakkam was a terrible experience for Ramesh Selvan Elementary School. It is no stranger to make films based on real events, such as the horror incident on the Dharmapuri bus in Kalavaram. The director said that he had done everything to ensure that the facts in this case were true.

Nungambakkam Movie Story Line

“Nungambakkam” is based on a real incident by 24-year-old software engineer Chennai Swathi, who was stabbed to death in 2016 at the Nungambakkam station. SKV is directed by Ramesh Selvan, a director with a good film history.

Based on social issues of unemployment, such as Jananam (2004); Kalavaram (2014) and Vajram (2015) objected to the environment of juvenile prisons in the light of the rise of violence in society. All films have received rave reviews, but have never had commercial success.

The story is based on the sensational case of the Swathi murder. The name Nungambakkam refers to the station in Chennai, where Swathi, a 24-year-old software engineer, stabbed. Swathi killed while waiting for a train at Nungambakkam station in the morning of June 24, 2016.

The director makes a film in which the thoughts of all those who left behind and the real events behind them investigated. Sam D. Raj is the musical director of this film and the camera is in charge of Jones Anand. A. Maaris is responsible for the editing of this film.

Ajmal Ameer in Nungambakkam

This film shot in the area where the horrible murder took place and Selvan knows very well how to investigate this. “It surprising that the victim beaten at the station on a busy morning and left unattended for more than three hours.”

The trailer for Nungambakkam aka Swathi Kolai Vazhaku describes a murder case by a police officer investigating the murder of Ajmal. Swathi killed in the morning of June 24, 2016 awaiting a local train to his office at Nungambakkam station. The newcomers played Ayra and Mano, Swathi and Ramkumar. This film currently in post-production and not censored.

Talk about police calluses. When the victim urgently needed medical help, they tried to send him to the train police. It was the attitude of the police that surprised me more than the murder itself. ”

However, the director said his film recognizes police efforts to find the killer (played by Ajmal Ameer). “This story actually told from the investigator’s point of view,” he said, adding that the suspect had begun writing the scenario before his arrest. He said.

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