Sathyam Paranja Viswasikkuvo TamilRockers Full Movie Review

Sathyam Paranja Viswasikkuvo TamilRockers

Sathyam Paranja Viswasikkuvo TamilRockers is a drama from Malayalam, directed by G. Prajith in 2019 and written by Sajeev Pazhoor. The film plays Biju Menon and Samvrutha Sunil, Alencier Ley Lopez, Sudhi Koppa, Dinesh Prabhakar and Mangal. The film was released on July 12, 2019 with the positive reactions of the critics.

If you think Biju Menon is well behaved, take a rabbit out of your hat and surprise him. The latest version of Sathyam Paranja Vishwasikkuvo, directed by G Prajith and written by Sajeev Pazhoor, has received excellent positive reviews and the player is in top form again.

Sathyam Paranja Viswasikkuvo Movie Story Line

Samvrutha Sunil, the actress’s husband, Akhil, is a person without alcohol. However, he refused to trust Samvrutha when his friends gave him a guarantee. A scene from the upcoming teaser film Sathyam Paranja Viswasikkuvo has become viruses on social media and the actor has received praise.

Sajeev said he spent his days with Freemasons and got in touch with them to find out more about their lives. “They work hard and drink all day after work, so we may feel like they carefree, but they still very happy and enjoying themselves.” This story told by the character of Samvrutha who plays the role of Geetha, a Sunni woman. One day Sunnit suffered a truck accident and a series of events led to a cat and mouse game that attracted five friends.

Samvrutha Sunil returned after entering the big screen for Biju Menon with Sathyam Paranja Viswasikkuvo of G Prajith. Prajith was previously director of Success Oru Vadakkan Selfie. The scene performed by Sajeev Pazhoor, author of the famous Thriksimututum Driksakshiyum.

Biju Menon in Sathyam Paranja Viswasikkuvo

The cinematography of the film is the music of Shehnad Jalal and Shaan Rahman, Vishwajit and Bijibal. Rama Devi, Sandip Senan and Urvasi Photos from Green TV Entertainer, Anish M. Thomas, produced with G Prajith has made a wonderful story with great dialogues, action scenes and beautiful little scenes that show what you can do interesting movies without even the actors of big stars.

We started filming and started thinking about who would be the main character. This movie have seen many players. We need someone who can play the role of a woman and do the household. At that time we thought of Samvrutha.

Remadevi, produced by Sandip Senan and Anish M Thomas, partially shot by Kannur and Kozhikode. “However, the characters do not speak regional dialects,” said Sajeev. Shehnad Jalal is director of photography and publisher of Ranjan Abraham. The music has compiled based on background scores from Shaan Rahman, Viswajith and Bijibal.

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