Utraan TamilRockers Full Movie Review

Utraan TamilRockers

Utraan TamilRockers is an new Tamil drama film written and directed by O Raja Gajini. The film, produced under the Sat Cinemas banner, The film starring Roshan Udayakumar, Heroshini Komali R, Priyanka Nair and Ravi Shankar in the lead roles. Music director Ragu Nandhan composed the songs, while Holik Prabhu made the camera and S.P. Ahmed is ready.

This movie Uttraan means friend began the king, “Roshan Udayakumar, Heroshini Komali R play the lead role in this film. Roshan is presented in various short films and commercials, while Roshni is a mimic in Hyderabad. Win Sudhakar also played key characters.”

Utraan Movie Story Line

Heroshini Komali, who caused a sensation in the Telugu province with pantomime shows (with her sister Devarshini), launched in Tamil with the campus of the Utraan cinema. The popular Roshan model first appeared as a hero. Heroshini seen by Raja Ghajini as the daughter of a police officer in the film.

Actress Priyanka Nair first appeared in Tamil with Veyil, directed by Vasantha Balan. With Bharath and Bhavana, the film produced by director Shankar S Productions and Priyanka with the popular song Pasupathy for Uruguthe.

A small screw on the bike changes a man’s life forever. I made a script in deja vu format that used in Cinema Paradiso. It was filmed in Chennai. “We shot about 80 days. There six fights and seven songs, and the music composed by Raghunanthan.

He has played an important role in films such as Priyanka, Thollaipesi, Thirutham and many Malayalam films. Priyanka Nair is now ready to return to Tamil with the Utraan film by beginner O Raja Gajini. The director said the film would force him to take action.

Roshan Udayakumar and Heroshini Komali in Utraan

Roshan Udayakumar and Heroshini Komali can seen in the film Utraan Tamil. Ravi Shankar plays an important role in the newspaper. Music director Ragu Nandhan composed the music for this film. Holik Prabhu interested in the camera and SP Ahmed the editor of the film.

Priyanka will appear in the film as a university professor named Kamali, and as the director explains, the actress bravely played half-naked at the film’s police station. Director Utraan also said that she appeared on a scene in which the hero wearing his underwear.

Even if horror and thriller films appear on the screen today, Ghajini asks why he chose the campus topics and answered: “Romance-filled college campus stories have always a green subject for film makers, regardless of their age.” university years. Utraan a film that gives you a nostalgic feeling.”

Utraan Official Trailer

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