Vellaipookal TamilRockers Full Movie Review

Vellaipookal TamilRockers is a Tamil-language thriller directed by Vivek Elangovan. The stars of the film Vivek, Charle, Dev, Pooja Devariya and Paige Henderson and produced by Indus Creations. The film was released on April 19, 2019, one day after the start of the Indian parliamentary elections in 2019.

The film, starring Indian actor Vivekh, tells the story of a retired Tamil Nadu police officer on vacation in Seattle to spend time with his son, but he later discovered that people had started to disappear around. Rin Seattle has settled throughout the film, Boyunca Srinivasan said.

Vellaipookal Movie Story Line

For others, casting is very important because if you have a famous actor, viewers begin to focus on their actions to thwart disclosures. Vellai Pookal has made smart decisions to neutralize this fight. One of them was clearly occupied by Vivek, a retired police officer, and Rudhran, a retired police officer who was a comedian. Although this sounds very uncomfortable in some scenes, the player did so because of its persistence.

In movies, some nice sections work well. The tension and puzzles are not tense, but in the last few minutes this story has learned a good way to solve this problem. The story smart and well-arranged, but in a more powerful scene everything goes well and the film is exciting. As a thriller, there is no moment of “singing chair” that gives us a sense of flaw. Social messages are ultimately important, but they are not so strong that they are slower.

Rudhran came to America to live with his son Ajay (Dev), who had not had good relationships for the past three years. We guess why. Ajay’s wife, Alice (Paige Henderson), is American. Rudhan didn’t even try to be nice to him. The first round ended with the kidnapping of Rudrans son. The second round evokes more puzzles, complicates the process and suggests that there are many characters. Although some clever stories support this, this film fails because of the slow storytelling. The lack of songs helped the film a lot because the speed is no longer disturbed. The players were very insightful and helpful in hiding the mystery.

Vivek in Vellaipookal

Vivek took a different attitude in this film and showed his salty look on the poster with an avatar never shown before. The film, called a thriller, describes Vivek as a character named Rudhran, a retired Tamil Nadu police officer who lives with his son and stepfather in the United States. Although he initially felt that it very difficult to adapt to the new place, his interest slowly focused on the situation of missing people. And that is the essence of this story.

The film released on April 19, 2019. After the release, the film well received by critics and the public. Anantha Vikatan published a 43-in-100 film value and claimed that the film equivalent to the contemporary songs of Dhuruvangal Pathinaaru and Ratsasan. All departments, including writing, theater, cinematography, background music, stage design, production and direction, praised by the media and the referees.

Vellaipookal Movie Official Trailer

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