6 Athiyayam TamilRockers Full Movie Review

6 Athiyayam TamilRockers

6 Athiyayam TamilRockers is a 2018 Tamil horror anthology film. It includes six separate stories, each part being directed by a different director. For each chapter title Super Hero, Ini Thodarum, Misai, Anamika, Soupboy Subramani, Sithiram Kolluthadi. The Writer and Directors For each chapter Cable Sankar, Shankar Thiyagarajan, Ajayan Bala, EAV Suresh, Lokesh Rajendran and Sridhar Venkatesan.

If the first four are not blocked, the fifth will succeed. This story is a bad attempt at horror-comedy that strikes with his crude jokes about women. It targets a child who cannot bond with a woman and seeks help from a voodoo priest. Who seems to chase him and why is central to this story.

6 Athiyayam Movie Story Line

The name clearly explains. 6 Athiyayam – six episodes. The film is a compilation of six different stories, all with “horror” or paranormal elements. But if you’re waiting for a horror or maybe in a hurry to watch a good horror movie, you should watch that movie again.

Recently, the sound of “6 Athiyayam”, a horror anthology consisting of six films, released by six directors. The films in this anthology feature the music of various composers, and the composer of Vikram Vedha Sam C created a promotional animation song with 2D animation. “I found a spooky song sung by actors Ma Ka Pa Anand and Kavita Thomas, with whom I previously worked on Puriyaatha Puthir, because the subject is fear.”

The film’s soundtrack released on October 30, 2017, during the  show by the best Tamil directors Cheran, Parthiban, Vetrimaran, A. Venkatesh, Arivazhagan and producer G. Dhananjayan. Composer Sam C. S. worked on an advertising song for the movie and chose Kavitha Thomas to sing the song.

Director Ajayan Bala

6 Athiyayam is an anthology of 6 parallel stories that are related to each other, and the top of each story only appears at the end. The first episode is “Superhero” directed by Kablo Shankar, directed by actor Thaman, who predicts the future dangers of everyone. Although the doctor (SS Stanley) does not initially believe him, he tries to help him as Thaman develops as he predicted. The writing is impressive and credible.

The movie begins with the first episode, Super Hero. Famous for Sattam Oru Iruttarai, Thaman Kumar plays the character who thinks he’s a superhero and plays the  psychologist who listens to the experiences of director SS Stanley. It may be an unusual choice for a horror movie, but do they really do it? The premise sounds interesting, but it is very short and uninteresting.

Soup Boy Subramani is another episode to entertain your target audience. It gives a nice commercial touch to the paranormal angle and the idea leaves you with a smile. The final episode, Chithiram Kolluthadi, focuses on the part that aims to arouse the audience’s curiosity and interest. It is also the only episode likely to become a feature film.

6 Athiyayam Official Trailer

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