8 TamilRockers Full Movie Review

8 TamilRockers

8 TamilRockers is an new Indian Tamil drama film at 2020 directed by Vijay Kaviraj. The film plays Bharath and Pooja Jhaveri, while Soori and Nagineedu play other important roles. The film was produced early 2018.

We know that Tamil cinema produces interesting titles. Although it was a trend some time ago to inspire popular headline text, filmmakers now seem to be influenced by numbers. These are films with a digital title.

8 Movie Story Line

The Deputy Director of Chandrasekhar, SA, Vijay Kaviraj, directed Bharath in the film with 8 titles. As a romantic comedy, the film ended with the promotion of Soori and a model that played an important role in actress Pooja Jhaveri. The director would have chosen 8 TamilRockers as the title because the film is based on eight different stages in the hero’s life.

After turning his head with Spyder last year, Bharath drew a new film. The film, presented as Title 8, a romantic comic thriller with Soori and actor Poukja Jhaveri, who played with Atharvaa as Vuki Varudhu, has yet to be released.

He played an important role in the films Bharath, Simba, Pottu and Kalidas. These films ready to released. He played in the film Bharath 8. Vijay Kaviraj directed the film. Pooja Jhaveri linked to Bharat. Robo Shankar Devadarshini and Soori also play an important role. John Peter composes music. Chandrakumar is working on a film. This film was co-made by J Studios International and Creative Click Cinemas.

This science fiction suite in Enthiran directed by Shankar and has a community artist. Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar and Amy Jackson are part of this wonderful work and the film has made for more than three years. Although there no official explanation as to why filmmakers are entitled to 2.0, some film visitors have made their statements.

Bharath and Pooja Jhaveri in 8

He made 60% of the recordings in Chennai, Pattukottai and Kerala in two programs. I only contacted John Peters about his music, but I so impressed with the project that he decided to produce it. He participated in the construction of the project with the composer Pattukottai Rajkumar.

The film consists of approximately 8 stages of life. The first published poster very well received. Now the director has stated that 60% of the recordings have completed. The same problem arose in this film with the strike by Kollywood that puts every hit on hold.

S.A. Vijay Kaviraj, former vice director of Chandrasekhar, the first director of the film and convinced musician John Peter to start a business after he wanted to talk to him about the soundtrack. While Poharaja Jhaveri entered as a hero, Bharath chosen to play the lead.

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