90ml TamilRockers Full Movie Review

90ML Tamilrockers, 90ML is an is an original comedy by Anita Udeep. 90ML film with Bigg Boss Tamil fame and Oviya Helen in lead role.

In this film, cameraman Arvind Krishna and Anthony as editor. Produced by Udeep from Nviz Entertainment. The filming for this job is now outside of Chennai.

It will be Simbu’s second film as a composer. His latest film as musical leader was Sakka Podu Podu Raja from Santkaam. The role of Arvind Krishna and Anthony is still unknown. Technically, this film is very powerful and it will be interesting to see what it looks like.

90ML Movie Story

90ML is about a group of five women and their wishes in life. Most women’s films do not talk about what women really want. So it becomes a brave movie, but fun and fun. This story shows not only the wishes of contemporary women, but also the interesting things that a group of girls will discuss during a meeting. I will present a new talent and I will definitely become a fashion film.

We intend to release the film in June and my target group mainly consists of young people, especially software designers.

Oviya in 90ML

Oviya will also launch Raghava Lawrence in the coming horror comedy ‘Kanchana 3‘. The Big Boss angel Oviya smiles happily with a cup of tea and a bun and looks like an aesthetic combination of two different tangents. While the logo contains a glass of wine, the trendy Oviya is in a shared tea shop.

The song “Marana Matta” is made for an untitled movie for the YouTube channel called MIG series. Lots of things known about this film, we have heard that Oviya played a role in the film. STR composes the music for that. “Marana Matta” wrote the words of Michi Vijay and Simbu himself.

STR also known as Silambarasan is structured to transfer the next number for his next film with Oviya. As we all know, 90ML STR aka Silambarasan. Previously Oviya and STR had opted for the single ‘Marana Matta’. Our 90ML Tamilrockers full movie review reveals now STR is now recording a new number “Kadhal Kadik” for 90 ml Oviya.

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