According to Matthew Tamil Dubbed TamilRockers Full Movie Review

According to Matthew Tamil Dubbed TamilRockers

According to Matthew Tamil Dubbed TamilRockers is an English film from Sri Lanka directed by Chandran Rutnam. This is a story of love, crime and enthusiasm based on the murder of St. Paul’s Anglican father, Mathew Pieris, of Kynsey Road, Colombo 10, because of the double murder of his wife (Eunice Pieris) and of Russell. Ingram was sentenced in 1979, the husband of her beloved.

He may have made several films in Bollywood, but Jacqueline Fernandez wants to return to her roots. Chandram Rutnam, a Los Angeles based director, reportedly asked Jacky to play on British television with British TV singer Alston Koch.

According to Matthew Movie Story Line

The story was then put to death by “pending conviction” for the murder of his wife and wife. It is based on the infidelity and murder of Father Mathew Pieris, pastor of St. Paul’s Church. The film shot at Villa Horana Kumbuke in Sri Lanka, where historical events took place. The film to released in Sri Lanka on April 7, 2017, but postponed to early 2018.

Russell Ingram and his wife Dalrene have been regular visitors to the area since 1976. Mathew Peiris known as an exorcist and organized an exorcism in his Ingram church on Thursday. He always lost his job. Dalrene, a typewriter, unemployed. They have three small children.

This is one of the brutal killings in history. Very unusual story but true story. This a city conversation from the seventies in which he arrested with his employer and charged with murder. I wanted to do this for a long time. I once spoke with Mathew’s father about the story. But there is something else about him. It was not practical, so I left the project. But now I do it based on the legal details and what I know about Peiris’s father. My priest on Kingsley Street in St. Paul.

According to Matthew Tamil Dubbed

Jacky is at an interesting stage in his career. After the second race he caught the attention of many producers. He now asked to participate in a British film based on a true story. The number of fans abroad is important and Koch signed a contract for the project. Manufacturers really want it.

Wellawatte and Horana met while the film crew preparing the sets of Hollywood films that considered controversial by the characters they played. “According to Matthew” speaks of a Christian priest, Father Mathew Peiris, who killed his wife and husband with concubines. Chandran Rutnam, who is very independent of Sri Lanka, singer / songwriter Alston Koch and father Mathew Peiris, former Mrs. Sri Lanka Jacqueline Fernandez, concubine Dalreen Ingram.

According to Matthew Movie Official Trailer

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