Al Mallu Tamil Dubbed TamilRockers Full Movie Review

Al Mallu Tamil Dubbed TamilRockers

Al Mallu Tamil Dubbed TamilRockers is a Indian Malayalam comedy drama film Directed and Screenplay by Boban Samuel. The film starring Namitha Pramod, Miya George, LAL, Dharmajan Bolgatty, Sohan Roy and Siddique in the lead roles. This film Produced by Sajils Majeed and Story by Jayan Naduvathazhath, Dr.Rajath R. Music composed by Ranjin Raj.

Director Boban Samuel has started shooting the next movie, Al Mallu. The film fell with Namitha Pramod and Miya George. He recently held a pooja in Abu Dhabi, and the team is currently filming the film in the United Arab Emirates, where the film’s plot is taking place.

Al Mallu Movie Story Line

Whatever the shortcomings, there are a number of movies that you love because there is a character that you love. Al Mallu from Namitha Pramod is also one of the films. I walked in without expectation and Al Mallu was a pleasant surprise, although none of the movies call people “first class” movies. In fact, I see more than the latest version of the Malayalam superstar.

In addition to Namitha and Miya, this film includes Siddique, Prem Prakash, Dharmajan and Sheelu Abraham. Previously, he directed comic book producers such as Boban Samuel, Roma, Shahjahanum Pareekuttyum and more recently Vishnu Unnikrishnan and Vikadakumaran, who directed Dharmajan.

Nayana left her family and hometown in a foreign country to build a comfortable life and fulfill her dreams. Meanwhile, a young man confesses his love for Nayana. However, Nayana had an unexpectedly uncomfortable experience, which ended her relationship. When Nayana’s girlfriend had a similar experience with the same person, she was determined to expose them. This movie tells what happened next.

Al Mallu filled with different characters, each with their own story. This film is from Namitha Pramod, who shines like the main character Nayana. Her character had a terrible experience thanks to a terrible man to get married. If he chooses, he will make him angry in a different way. Meanwhile, a new man enters the office of Sreedhar (Harris) and can be seen for miles.

Al Mallu Tamil Dubbed

The cinematography of Vivek Menon includes Ranjin Raj, music Deepu Joseph Edition. El Mallu has Namitha Pramod as Nayana working in the bay. The film examines Nayana’s struggles and culture shock, intimidation and insecurity abroad.

The film only lasts 128 minutes, but seems endless. Although Namitha Pramod describes the main character and does it confidently in earlier films, he does not seem to have the usual energy in this film. Miya has about 10 minutes of screen time, but is very excited. Dharmajan and Siddique showed their experiences on the screen and were with them. Ranjin Raj’s music is not bad.

There are irregularities that you think are “Al Mallu” and strange, and only certain characters that have been added to the crowd are introduced. The urban undertone of the history of the Middle East does little, and perhaps its mere meaning contributes to its visual value. It’s a story that can happen anywhere and can make a difference if it happens in Connecticut or Cochin.

Al Mallu Movie Official Trailer

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