Babru Tamil Dubbed TamilRockers Full Movie Review

Babru Tamil Dubbed TamilRockers

Babru Tamil Dubbed TamilRockers is a Kannada Thriller Drama film released on December 6, 2019. The film was directed by Sujay Ramaiha and became the main characters of Suman Nagarkar, Prakruthi Kashyap, Sunny Moza and Mahi Hiremath. Other popular players associated with Babru were King Tostado, Sandeep Belliyappa, Bharath KS, Gaana Bhat and Vinay Bhardwaj.

An impressive thriller about two foreigners with unified and different motifs in the same language, and an epic road trip to the United States, which makes interesting turns at every turn. Some journeys change destination.

Babru Movie Story Line

A young man travels to the United States to make an offer to his girlfriend. He arrived late enough to get the car he wanted to buy. Apparently another woman has taken this car order from you, which she originally ordered.

The film shown in San Francisco Bay and the first Hollywood Kannada to win a prize. “Our goal to do something that has never been done before. Many filmmakers come to the United States to record their songs or a small part of their films.

We decided to make all films in the United States. Kannada short films and documentaries recorded in the United States, but no feature films, “he said.

The two linked because they choose to travel together and travel together. What apparently started as a simple cross-country trip had enough surprises for him.

Director Sujay Ramaiha made his debut in this film. By traveling with Rakshit Shetty during his visit, he wrote the story that a stranger suddenly switched the idea of ​​a journey. “Babru has the music of Poornachandra Tejaswi and the sound design of Aravind Menon.

Babru Tamil Dubbed

Arjun, an Indian immigrant student looking for his girlfriend, and San, a middle-aged Indian in a civil dispute, agreed to take the car from San Diego to Vancouver. A pedestrian named Gustavo joined them. However, the trip did not go as planned and the police searched this vehicle.

Mahi Hiremath and Sunny Moza also match their roles. Acapella music appears in different songs, and although background music is a new challenge, acapella music cannot mix with the story. The beginning of the scene can be quite long, but the climax compensates to some extent.

The camera has finished photographing and now interested in post-production. ‘Babru’ is the first project of Yuga Creations and Suman Nagarkar Productions. Gurudev is the executive producer of Nagudaja, while the female heroine directed by Suez Ramaiah has Suman Nagarkar. Babru back for Suman, known as Beladingala Baale (Moonlight Girl), who remembers her role of the same name.

Babru Movie Official Trailer

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