Kaanadante Maayavadanu Tamil Dubbed TamilRockers Full Movie Review

Kaanadante Maayavadanu Tamil Dubbed TamilRockers

Kaanadante Maayavadanu Tamil Dubbed TamilRockers is Kannada next romantic fantasy film, directed by the debutante Raj Pathipati, produced by Back Benchers Motion Picture. The name of the film is Chal Kaanadante Maayavadanu Chal from the first line of “Namma Shiva kailasa serikondanu” from the movie Chalisuva Modagalu. The film Starring Vikas and Sindhu Lokanath in the lead roles.

Ravi Kiran Vikas, who directed Jayammana Maga for Duniya Vijaya, tests water with his acting skills at Kaanadante Maayavadanu. Because I played a role in films such as Nandi, Jackie and Kaddipudi, but it will be my first appearance in my mind, said Vik Vikas, who made Sindhu Loknath a couple in the film.

Kaanadante Maayavadanu Movie Story Line

Sindhu Loknath will soon be featured in director Raj Patipati’s first film, “Kaanadante Maayavadanu“. In the next film she plays the role of actress Vandana. He overjoyed with his role and said it wasn’t before. In an open conversation with Tini Sara Anien, Sindhu spoke about her role and her film.

This film produced by Back Benchers Motion Picture. Directed by Raj Pathipati, Vikas plays a hero. The film stops when the enemy of the film, Raghava Uday, dies. He drowned with other actors. Anıl played for Maasthi_Gudi. With the scenario changes, the director chose the actor Bhajarangi Loki to play Jayanna in the second half of the film.

The large amount of mud under the lake makes research difficult. In the media, lead actor Mastigudi Duniya Vijay confirmed that his body from Uday. Vijay, with Uday and Anil, jumped Monday in a helicopter obstacle in a risky action scene. However, the other two managed to swim to a safe place by sinking.

Kaanadante Maayavadanu Tamil Dubbed

Directed by Jayammana Maga Uday, the films played an important role in this fantastic mystery. The film starts with an idea from Uday. The script starts with a description of the character that Uday will play. When he died, Uday made 75% of the film. The shock film team almost stopped the project and remained active for a year.

They say it’s a romantic drama about ghosts. This trailer released last week by Yogaraj Bhat at an event and the makers expect a release in August or September. Kaanadante Maayavadanu asked Gummineni Vijay to leave as a music director when Sugnan was a cameraman.

Kaanadante Maayavadanu Movie Official Trailer

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