Biskoth TamilRockers Full Movie Review

Biskoth TamilRockers

Biskoth TamilRockers is a 2020 Tamil romantic comedy film written, produced and directed by R. Kannan under the banner of Masala Pix. Santhanam and Tara Alisha star in the film, while Sowcar Janaki, Anandaraj, Motta Rajendran and Aadukalam Naren play supporting roles. The film’s soundtrack was composed by Radhan, while Shanmuga Sundaram and RK Selva filmed and edited.

Biskoth Movie Story Line

The Biskoth trailer is a look back at his performance in Lollu Sabha. We saw Santhanam’s parody of the classic Baahubali scene: The Debut of Director SS Rajamouli.

It is a scene where hundreds of people struggle to place a door 30  meters high. In his day, Santhanam (pronounced Baahubali) came out of nowhere and an accident stopped. His face is covered with a veil (like Baahubali in the movie) and is even called Baahubali.

Santhanam, who previously worked as a comedian with Kannan filmmakers such as Jayam Kondaan, Kanden Kadhalai, Vanthaan Vendraan and Settai, was instrumental in the release of film producer Biskoth.

The trailer reveals that the actor is back in the days of Lollu Sabha and that the film will score fake hits such as Baahubali, Billa and the Hollywood film 300. Santhanam portrays a cookie company employee who also co-starred with A1 co-star Tara Alisha in the movie. Swathi Muppla, Anandraj, Rajendran, Manohar and veteran actress Sowcar Janaki.

Santhanam’s first preview poster for “Biskoth” came out last March with a different avatar. The film, directed by Kannan, stars Tara Alisha Berry and Swathi Muppala in the lead roles. The producers have now released a trailer for the film. The nearly two and a half minute trailer gives viewers a sense of all the fun content in the movie.

Santhanam and Tara Alisha in Biskoth

Santhanam released a trailer for his upcoming movie Biskoth on Monday. Before becoming famous in the movies, Santhanam tickled the audience’s funny bones with his comedy show Lollu Sabha, a parody of a Tamil movie. He portrayed some of the cult Tamil cinema characters in the series. In fact, he improved his humor on the show.

R Kannan also produced biskoth TamilRockers under his house flag. Shanmuga Sundaram provided the camera while Radhan recorded the soundtrack for the movie. Digital Service Providers (DSPs) offered a free VPF at least in November to help reopen the company, while new releases like Santhosh’s adult horror comedy Irandam, Santhanam’s Kuthu, and Biskoth approved their feeds for Deepavali.

Legendary actor Sowcar Janaki has announced to play a major role in the film. More interestingly, this is his 400th film. Main production of the film began in September 2019 to coincide with a special Ganesh event. Chaturthi. This movie shot in Chennai and Hyderabad. Post-film production delayed due to the COVID-19 outbreak and resumed on May 11, 2020, following the government’s announcement.

Biskoth Movie Official Trailer

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