Colour Photo Tamil Dubbed TamilRockers Full Movie Review

Colour Photo Tamil Dubbed TamilRockers


Colour Photo Tamil Dubbed TamilRockers is the upcoming 2020 Telugu historical romantic film written and directed by new actor Sandeep Raj.  The film starring Suhas in his first lead role, along with Chandini Chowdhary, Sunil, and Viva Harsha are supporting roles.

Actor Suhas entered the entertainment world with short films. After entertaining audiences with countless short films, web series and TV miniseries, Sharwan and Padi Padi took their first steps on the big screen with Leche Manasu.

Colour Photo Movie Story Line

Colour Photo is one of the first stories that Sai Rajesh wanted to tell as an avid filmmaker. His love for the cinema took him from Nellore to Hyderabad. From 2005 to 2011, he was one of hundreds of applicants hoping to get a spot in the film: “I took on the data entry tasks and spent several hours a day writing paperwork. ‘study. and polls.

After playing many supporting roles in the film, this aspiring actor will star in the Colour Photo movie. Which directed by Sandeep Raj. Chandini Chowdary, from Telugu, was handcuffed in the guise of a famous woman. Sunil will play the role of the enemy in the film.

Even if you’re not part of the “movie family,” this isn’t an easy way to get into the movie world and name yourself. Still, Suhas, a household name among Telugu YouTubers, has come a long way as a performing artist to take on the lead role in the film. Suhas‘ acting career started on the popular channel “Chai Bisket”.

The phrase “based on true story” intriguing, and when asked the question, Sai Rajesh said that almost 70% of the story based on facts from his life. Her story ended happily, she married the woman of her dreams: It took me two years to regain courage and express my feelings towards her. He immediately agreed and asked me why he hesitated.

The film stars Suhas and Chandini Chowdary, while comedian Sunil will play a negative role. Soundtrack composed by Kaala Bhairava. This movie directed by Sai Rajesh. This film is about a young man with dark hair who falls in love with a white girl.

Colour Photo Tamil Dubbed

The dancer falls in love with him and they have a sweet relationship. In the end, however the young couple ridiculed their community for “two different Colours” and called an name their community. Social stigma and ugly agents are two of the main supporting and motivational forces in a feature film.

Meanwhile, filming for ‘Colour Photo’ had recently completed and Chandini Chowdary took her to Instagram and wrote warm note. The 26 year old actress, who handed over her role one of her favorite characters, shared photo her last day on set.

Suhas and Chandini Chowdary with Colour Photo, released August 7, have been viewed millions of times online. Colour Photo Teaser has gone viral on YouTube and has received over million views in the twelve hours since release. Tollywood star Vijay Deverakonda released a trailer for the film on Wednesday.

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