Theethum Nandrum TamilRockers Full Movie Review

Theethum Nandrum TamilRockers

Theethum Nandrum TamilRockers is a 2021 Tamil action drama film directed by Rasu Ranjith. This film Produced by H. Charles Immanuvel and written by Rasu Ranjith.

Theethum Nandrum movie starring Aparna Balamurali, Lijomol Jose, Rasu Ranjith, Eesan, Inba Ravikumar, Sandeep Raj, Kaalayan Sathya and Karunakaran in the leading roles.

This film music composed by C. Sathya, Cinematography Kevin Raj and Edited work by Rasu Ranjith. This movie Production company is NH Hari Silverscreens and released on 12 March 2021.

Theethum Nandrum Movie Story Line

Dass (Eesan), Siva (Rasu Ranjith) and Maaran (Sandeep Raj) are thieves who have always managed to escape the grip of the law. Dass is married to Sumathi (Aparna Balamurali) and Siva falls in love with Thamizh (Lijomol Jose). One fine day, Sumathi, who knows who Das is and what he is doing, tells him she is pregnant and asks him to stop his illegal attempts. It didn’t stop there. What happened next formed the rest of the story.

The film characterized by the treatment of emotions between different characters. The relationship between husband and wife and the friendship between Daas and Siva are so attractive that the audience can empathize with them. The director, who also played one of the main characters (Rasu Ranjith) and edited the film.

Managed to create the right tension in the theft scene. The best action scenes well choreographed and all the actors play their part well. While Eesan and Aparna scored in emotional scenes, Rasu and Sandeep convinced of their rival roles.

The writing was great, even if it was common. To give one of the more obvious examples, remember the scene where the hero chases a girl at night and jumps to save the day when she is being abused by bullies? Here’s a similar scene. Siva, however, did not chase / persecute the Tamils; It turned out that they went the same way.

And the fight scenes that follow are more fun than a great hero. Such changes make Theethum Nandrum a refreshing watch. However, I wonder if humility is the only way a man can win a woman’s heart.

Aparna Balamurali and Lijomol Jose in Theethum Nandrum Movie

The director could easily shorten twenty minutes to make the movie look sharper. The second half lasted a bit longer as there was unnecessary tension, including child trafficking at its peak. We hope that Rasu Ranjith’s character also gets the correct rating to justify the title.

In terms of acting, Eesan looks serious, and Aparna is a showstress with her ability to engage audiences in her intense performances. Rasu Ranjith dances well and stars in the action scene. The two group leaders, Kalyan Sathya and Karunakaran, also did their job well. Technically, Sathya’s song and background music stand out and amplify the sequence of actions and emotions.

Although the film is about serious human emotions, the producer said he kept his tone light. Although Tamil cinema has a few films with similar parameters, Theethum Nandrum TamilRockers will certainly stand out for its unique effect. Each creator has their own style of storytelling and I think the Tamil audience will love mine. Rasu was also responsible for the acting and directing and editing of the film.

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