Engada Iruthinga Ivvalavu Naala TamilRockers Full Movie Review

Engada Iruthinga Ivvalavu Naala TamilRockers

Engada Iruthinga Ivvalavu Naala TamilRockers is a 2021 Tamil romantic comedy film directed by Kevin. This film music composed by Varshan, Jayden, Cinematography Rahim Babu and Edited work done by Suresh Urs.

Engada Iruthinga Ivvalavu Naala film starring Akhil, Ishara Nair, Manishajith, Kausalya, Super Subbarayan, Sivasankar, Rajendran, Manobala, Yogi Babu, Bala Singh and Shakeela in the leading roles. This film Distributed by Nila Promoters and released on 26 March 2021.

Engada Iruthinga Ivvalavu Naala Movie Story Line

“Being an actor is my biggest concern. When that didn’t happen, I changed my path. But my love for cinema remains the same, ”said a resident of Nagercoil who strangely never worked as an assistant director.

Although the main photography for EIIN began in 2017, several financial problems during production with the outbreak delayed filming. Do you find it difficult to get through obstacles? Kevin says no.

The lack of a popular face means the movie won’t get good deals on a live OTT version when locked. But Kevin thinks it’s a blessing in disguise. “I’m glad the audience saw this in the movies.” Do you have plans for a good start day? “Like any filmmaker.

I want to see my films on the big screen in a compact cinema. We plan to see you in Chennai and Nagercoil. It will be a moment I must cherish when I see my movie in my town, ”said Kevin.

Akhil plays Sanjay, a talented and passionate film buff who comes from his hometown and dreams of making it to the cinema, said director Kevin. But when things got worse after a while, he went back to his house.

When village chief Pannayar Nesamani (played by Motta Rajhendran) heard about Sanjay’s problem, he reached out to help him. He sold his property and made a movie for Sanjay.

Akhil and Ishara Nair in Engada Iruthinga Ivvalavu Naala Movie

“Naan Kadavul” Rajendran is an actor-directed stunt that plays the menacing villain in Naan Kadavul, directed by Bala. It slowly evolved into a behind-the-scenes comedy, and today he is one of the foremost comedians and has to add members to his comedy films. Rajendran is now a filmmaker. Not in real life, but in one of his last movies Engada Iruthinga Ivvalavu Naala TamilRockers.

Today Ishaara spoke to The Times of India and claimed director Kevin Joseph had sexually assaulted him. Kevin said he was not happy with the treatment Joseph gave him. It was reportedly referred to as “va dee, po dee”, which is considered vulgar in Tamil.

He also said he touched her inappropriately and asked her to shoot some raw scenes that made him feel uncomfortable. According to the newspaper, he also told her rude things on set in front of the crew.

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