Sangathalaivan TamilRockers Full Movie Review

Sangathalaivan TamilRockers

Sangathalaivan TamilRockers is a 2021 Indian Tamil drama film directed by Manimaran. This film starring Samuthirakani, Karunas, Ramya Subramanian, Sunu Lakshmi, Sampath Ram, Cheenu Mohan and G. Marimuthu in the leading roles.

Sangathalaivan movie Produced by Udaya Kumar, Geetha Udaya Kumar, Vetrimaaran and Written by Manimaran. This film music composed by Robert Sargunam, Cinematography Srinivas Devamsam and Edited work done by G. B. Venkatesh.

Sangathalaivan Movie Story Line

The story follows the life of Rangan (Karunas), a loom worker. A tragic event leads to Rangan’s first encounter with communism and its representative, Sivalingam (Samuthirakani). At first, Rangan was unsure of communism; He did not even want to give the impression of being an ally of the communists for fear of the influence of his capitalist master Govindaraj (G. Marimuthu).

The light faded and he wanted to end that scene that day. Ramya was afraid of learning all the rules so quickly. But Manimaaran had full confidence in him. Surprisingly, I actually finished the whole scene. In one go! I read the lines quickly and got the gist of what he had to say.

“Fluent in Tamil, he can facilitate dialogue by adding his own words here and there, without having to memorize everything.” At this point I realized that I am used to going through multiple pages of information in a short amount of time while hosting. Registrations often changed or added at the last minute.

The story of “Sangathalaivan” taken from the popular Tamil novel “Thariyudan” by Bharathinathan. The novel addresses issues affecting major industries such as cotton and textiles in the western districts of Tamil Nadu, especially Coimbatore and Erode.

The mention of the name of Sivalingam frightened the capitalists, their actions taken to the police and inspired a man who had previously hesitated to venture alone before politicians and leaders for the Politburo or a party committee. The problem is, it works in real life.

Samuthirakani and Karunas in Sangathalaivan Movie

This film has a soul in the right place: the way of conveying the ideology of communism to the public, while not new, is in some ways effective. The struggle for justice told in an interesting way in different realistic sequences. Some characters have an attractive development, especially Karunas, who stands out for her different looks thanks to the variety of emotions she displays.

Marimuthu has proven that the role of the ruthless owner of the factory is a piece of cake for him. Sunulakshmi perfectly matches the position of a poor girl who has gone through several quarrels. They lived after the characters of Ramya Subramaniam and Vikram Anand.

The director added that Sangathalaivan is based on a novel. “We are in the process of obtaining the rights. We will announce it as soon as we are ready. The shooting will start on November 15. We also had talks with actor Iniya, who agreed in principle.

It will be finalized soon. Signing of A contract. ”The team is also in the process of finishing the rest of the cast and crew, with Venkatesh from Visaranai in charge of editing the film, while Velraj is in charge of cinematography.

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