Crazy Alien TamilRockers Full Movie Review

Crazy Alien TamilRockers, is a 2019 Chinese science fiction comedy film directed by Ning Hao and written by Liu Cixin, Sun Xiaohang, Wu Nan, Dong Runnian, Liu Xiaodan and Pan Yiran. The film stars Huang Bo, Shen Teng, Matthew Morrison, and Tom Pelphrey. It was released in China on February 5, 2019, the Chinese New Year.

Crazy Alien, in the form of an incredibly upsetting video of the abuse that an animal endured on set. The footage clearly shows a German Shepherd suspended in a cage and being violently spun around before it was plunged into freezing cold water.

Crazy Alien Story

Crazy Alien in which two brothers hope to make a fortune from an alien who lands in their lap, is the third film in Ning’s “Crazy” franchise. It follows 2009 black comedy “Crazy Stone” and 2006 title “Crazy Racer.” Once again it stars Xu Zheng and Huang Bo.

Crazy Alien, American astronaut Zach Andrews makes first contact with an alien — but ruins Earth’s initial attempt at diplomacy by triggering a camera flash while trying to take a selfie with the alien’s ship. The disoriented alien crash-lands in a Chinese “world park” (a theme park with miniature replicas of famous monuments) — where monkey trainer Geng Hao picks up the alien,

“Crazy Alien,” a comedy caper by hit-making director Ning Hao, led the box office in China on the first day of the Chinese New Year holiday period. By 7 p.m. on Tuesday, the film had earned $55 million in mainland Chinese cinemas. The top eight movies earned a combined $200 million (RMB1.35 billion) by 7:30 p.m., according to data from China Box Office.

Crazy Alien was produced by Ning’s Dirty Monkeys Studio for Huanxi Media, the Hong Kong-listed firm in which Ning and comedian Xu Zheng are major shareholders. The release was handled by Enlight Pictures, Guangxian Pictures and state-owned Huaxia Distribution.

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