En Kaadhali Scene Podura TamilRockers Full Movie Review

En Kaadhali Scene Podura TamilRockers

En Kaadhali Scene Podura TamilRockers is an next Indian Tamil romantic comedy film directed by Ram Sevaa. The film Starring Mahesh and Shalu Chourasiya play with the players on the board. With the music of Amresh Ganesh, the film started mid-2018 and was shown on 13 September 2019.

Angadi Theru was a coffin monster a few years ago and threw Anjali in the air. But the most important hero, a very talented Mahesh, has not yet succeeded. The actress returned after a break in the film Kadhalı Stage Podra, which made her love Shalu. Ramesha or Tea Kadai Bench has a megaphone.

En Kaadhali Scene Podura Movie Story Line

Mahesh and debutant Shalu Chourasiya were recorded in early 2018. Director Ram Sevaa made the second film after Tea Kadai Bench, which has not yet been released. The film maker based the story of the film on the factual events he had experienced in the 90s and who had finished filming in 23 days. The music of the film composed by Amresh Ganesh and brought forward before it published by Mahesh as the main selling point of the film.

This story inspired by real events and some things from my imagination. He is a complete artist and also a message for the community. Everyone is smart. But instead of using it properly, someone wants to use it to destroy other people, which is the core of the problem.

Take the first order, for example: the exchange between a priest and his hero (Mahesh) in the temple openly asks for money after the first aarti. Or an exchange between two friends, when people explain how to distinguish love from hate, they call it “adicha kadhal kiss, aranja modhal”. These are actually some of the most boring comedy attempts of this film. They do not expect much in films such as Kadhalı Stage Podura.

Mahesh said he had tried comedy in the film and it was a new but satisfying experience for him. But you know the kind of film that I have done so far, everything a change for me, the title itself fun in relationships and love, and this story inspired by real events and therefore feels very comfortable and satisfying.

Mahesh and Shalu Chourasiya in En Kaadhali Scene Podura

In addition to the main couple, the films include Manobala, Aadukalam Naren, Ambani Shankar, Diya, Thennavan and Vaiyapuri. The actor Gokul comes to the fore considerably. Amrish pressed the music. After Chinna Machchan, Nila Kallu Sedhukiya Silayaa, a few star singer, Senthil-Rajalakshmi, joined the EKSP.

It seems that many attempts have made to make the scene written and directed by Ram Sevaa for Kadhali Podura. Many attempts have made to address and address sensitive issues such as dowry, police and childcare. Unfortunately, none of these efforts has been successful.

En Kaadhali Scene Podura Official Trailer

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