Kozhipporu Tamil Dubbed TamilRockers Full Movie Review

Kozhipporu Tamil Dubbed TamilRockers

Kozhipporu Tamil Dubbed TamilRockers is an new Malayalam drama film Directed by Jibit George, Jinoy Janardhanan and written by Jibit George, Jinoy Janardhanan. The film starring Indrans, Pauly Valsan, Anjali Nair, Jolly Chirayath, Sohan Seenulal, Veena Nandakumar, Jinoy Janardhanan and Shankar Induchoodan in the lead roles. This film Produced by V.G. Jayakumar and Music composed by Bijibal.

The Kozhipporu are two families that explain their relationships and how they can change over time. It is a dramatic film by Jinoy Janardhanan and Jibit George. Kozhipporu is nothing more than hostility to the environment, which he can often see when working in other jobs.

Kozhipporu Movie Story Line

Neighbors Beena and Mary are good friends until she suspects that Mary is stealing Beena’s chicken eggs. The conflict started and the discovery of advertisements for their children increased. The plot aimed at two neighborhood families and chickens is too short for a long film. The film has many new faces as actors, including directors, and they all look like children.

Jinoy Jibit’s film, Kozhipporu, is set in the underbelly of rural Ernakulam and begins with a ‘rejection of real events’. Of course, the story can come in any context, but there may not be enough theater or entertainment to win a movie. However, the situation they face or their confrontation cannot fascinate the audience. Attempts to influence situational comedy scenes have failed.

Navajith briefly told us on the subject of the film and said, “He is a family-oriented artist who is concerned about the fall of lost eggs, a family chicken and other suspects taken from them.” These chickens are not only responsible for joining to these families, but also to separate them.”

Kozhipporu Tamil Dubbed

Bijibal songs in a folk environment with a national rhythm are exceptions to the film, where the experiences of the makers are clearly visible everywhere. Environmentally friendly, Mary and Beena bought chickens together and raised them very carefully. Mary once saw her chicken on Beena’s terrace and suspected she had laid eggs there. This misunderstanding worsens the friendship and gets worse when they realize their children are in a relationship.

This film does not have a solid subject and is similar to an 80s film. While the stars work well, the environment and application should be better to present the film to the public. This movie has a short release time and it is the grace of salvation. The technical aspects of this film are not very impressive.

A simple premise certainly has some potential if handled with care, but this film contains very few novels or entertainment stories. Development is fun. There are all kinds of stereotypes you would expect from this type of story. In particular, the ending couldn’t have been weaker. The movie only lasts 99 minutes, but sometimes people still don’t feel it is slow.

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