Madura Veeran TamilRockers Full Movie Review

Madura Veeran TamilRockers

Madura Veeran TamilRockers is an Indian Tamil action drama film written and directed by P. G. Muthiah. The film starring Shanmuga Pandian, Meenakshi, Samuthirakani, Vela Ramamoorthy, Mime Gopi, G. Marimuthu, and Bala Saravanan in the lead roles. The film’s music composed by Santhosh Dhayanidhi and Cinematography by P. G. Muthiah, Edited by Praveen.

PG Muthaiah, who fascinated us with his cinematography in films such as Poo, Kanden Kadhalai and Mannar Vahaiyara, recently collaborated with rural artist Madura Veeran. With the main theme of Jallikattu and the efforts of Vijanakanth’s two sons, Shanmuga Pandian, Muthaiah has compiled a canned political story that still prevails in the south of the country.

Madura Veeran Movie Story Line

Twenty years after marrying a daughter from Durai (Shanmuga Pandian), he returned to Madurai, Malaysia. However, he had other plans: to discover his father’s murderer Rathinavel (Samuthirakani) and practice the courageous sport of Jallikattu, who had stopped for years.

Still, a respected leader in the region, Slain Rathinam seeks to unite two rival communities that own the superior breed and lead the Big Shot Gurumurthy (Vela Ramamoorthy) and the inferior Malaisami (Mime Gopi). Then Durai’s uncle Pattaiyar (G. Marimuthu), his daughter (Meenakshi) loves’ magai paiyan. It turns out that Durai managed to shape the rest with a slight twist.

Actor and director Samuthirakani star in this film, which also includes Bala Saravanan and Mottai Rajendran. We learn that Mime Gopi will also be part of this movie. However, the female leader and music director have not yet been decided. “This film will be a rural Madurai-style artist,” the source added.

Samuthirakani in Madura Veeran

“This movie is not about sports events or discussions, it’s tradition. I can’t help but talk about Marina’s handwritten protests because it’s so important. It often becomes a sub-level of love in sports movies. Friendship or betrayal. The main theme of this movie. ”

The promotional film for the upcoming Tamil movie PG Muthiah Madura Veeran commemorates the pro-Jallikattu protests that took place in Chennai and most of Tamil Nadu in January. A spokesperson who set the tone for the film said: “What attacks [animal rights organizations and the courts] is not only the sport but also our culture.

Madura Veeran Official Trailer

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