Mann Fakiraa Tamil Dubbed TamilRockers Full Movie Review

Mann Fakiraa Tamil Dubbed TamilRockers

Mann Fakiraa Tamil Dubbed TamilRockers is an new Indian Marathi Romantic comedy movie Directed by Mrunmayee Deshpande. The film starring Suvrat Joshi, Sayali Sanjeev, Anjali Patil, Ankit Mohan, Renuka Daftardar in the lead roles.

This famous actress debuted as a director and screenwriter with the following classic romantic story “Mann Fakiraa” with Suvrat Joshi, Sayali Sanjeev, Anjali Patil and Ankit Mohan. Mann Fakiraa is a four-dimensional romance in which four young and liberal people fall in love. Their stories became so complicated that they loved each other.

Mann Fakiraa Movie Story Line

The love story is not new to any movie in the world. In this way, the love story continues to come out of the movie. If the mind is not satisfied, you cannot accept everything from the race to love. In “Mana Fakira” by Mrinmith Pratibha Deshpande, we can see that the changing relationships of this generation, ready to accept this complexity, are surprised by the surprises it eventually gets.

Your mind can tell you one thing and make you do something else, and in the end we will all be victims. But what if it happens in a marriage? Man Fakiraa tried to find out what happened when the match almost disorganized.

The movie told and directed by actress Shivnabhoon Mrinmoy Deshpande. It’s his first film as a director, but he doesn’t smell old anywhere. Bhushan (Suvrat Joshi) and Riya (Sayali Sanjeev) follow the typical Maharashtra tradition established by the tradition of marriage and knot. The two lives are at the peak of change. However, Bhushan said his ex-girlfriend Mahi (Anjali Patil) was in bed on the first night of their wedding.

Then you can imagine how things have changed. After considering this and announcing his ex-girlfriend Nachiket (Ankit Mohan), Riya came up with a plan that could help her and Bhushan return at her own expense. The artist correctly selected for the four characters. Anjali Patil never had a chance to see a brutal and abusive role.

Mann Fakiraa Tamil Dubbed

After watching the movie in your mouth, “whatever happens forever”. What’s going on, what’s going on? Our human mind, generally in this paradox, feels what is happening or what is real or true. But can this phenomenon seen with the naked eye as we understand it?

You saw her beauty as a funny and unique actress and saw her in a different shade as a dancer in a Ka Eka Peksha Ek reality show. His first television “Agnihotra” was a super successful season with his performance. There is always more than you think and talent for film and writing with Mrunmayee.

Sayali and Anjali stand out for their performance. As a free-spirited rebel, Anjali is very appropriate, Sayali is a sympathetic and understanding wife / girlfriend. Ankit has a short role and he cannot do much more than keep an eye on things. Although Suvrat was genuine, he was very dramatic for his character, only partially brilliant.

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