Naanu Matthu Gunda Tamil Dubbed TamilRockers Full Movie Review

Naanu Matthu Gunda Tamil Dubbed TamilRockers

Naanu Matthu Gunda Tamil Dubbed TamilRockers is an upcoming Kannada drama movie Directed by Srinivas Thimmaiah and Produced by Raghu Hassan. The film starring Shivraj Kr Pete, Samyukta Hornad, Govinde Gowda and Rockline Sudhakar in the lead roles.

Pete became a household name with the reality show “Comedie Khiladigalu”. In two years she played in more than 24 films. Shivaraj KR Pete does not consider himself a hero and wants to be identified as an actor. You won’t see it in your usual comic book avatars in this movie.

Naanu Matthu Gunda Movie Story Line

Shankar, a motorist, once found a dog on his tricycle. Initially, Shankar felt disgusted and began to warm up his dog. Your emotional ties are so strong that they argue with the city. But his wife, Kavitha, became jealous. Naanu Matthu Gunda is an animated story about three unified lives.

Director Srinivas Thimmaiah understands how dogs are emotionally attached to people. Samyukta Hornad also supports his character. He managed to capture the feelings of director of photography Chidanand Gunda. An impressive dialogue written in the words of Emperor Sharat Kaiser, who loved the public.

Naanu Matthu Gunda captures the friendship between Shankara and Gunda. And the directors receive prizes for topics that influence the connection between people and animals. However, the story is a little longer. The collage on the screen can cut around 15 minutes. Furthermore, the story goes no further than Shankara and Gunda. Shivaraj deserves a prize for his laudable appearance on his first journey as a hero.

Naanu Matthu Gunda Tamil Dubbed

The main feature of the entire film is the scene between the hero Shivraj KR Pete and Simba. Smiling in all comic scenes, Shivaraj does not remove the spectator from the cinema without removing him. Shivraj is as moving as a comedy. He turned out to be a real artist.

Directed by Srinivas Thimmaiah and produced by Raghu Haasan, the film will be screened on January 24. Samyuk acts like a foreign hero. It is a feeling between dogs and people. So good for the dog’s role. Simba’s sound phase is out. This video socialized Viral in Midia It’s a video that interests me. Emperor Sharat wrote the dialogue. Music composed by Karthik Sharma.

The story of a dog and its owner another story told to the audience going to the theater. The experiences of Raghu Hassan and Srinivas Thimmaiah gave the audience a picture of everyone who left the theater. So it’s a good Vikanda couple.

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