Naduvan TamilRockers Full Movie Review

Naduvan TamilRockers is the next Tamil Indian drama film written and directed Sharran Kumar debut. The film stars Bharath and Aparna Vinod, with Gokul Anand and Bala in supportive roles.

In films such as Bharath, Inranghu Inidhu and CSK, Sharang’s “Naduvan” also played a highly developed role as a father. Bairavaa Aparna The fame of Vinod Bharath plays in a kodaikanal film. A tension drama would have added the actors to confuse and stimulate the fight. He congratulated Vicky for making headlines for films such as “Uriyadi” and “Ratsasan” for the extraordinary choreography of the action.

Naduvan Story Line

The film announced by actor, director Sharran Kumar. He also spent around a year and a half explaining that he was doing his homework and acting program. The film joked about the dramatic tension of the girl with the protagonist Bharath, who invented the role of a young father. Parts of this film recorded in Kodaikanal. The recordings took place at the beginning of 2019.

Sharang, “Almost everyone in this film mobilized your best skills in action, not just Bharat and Gokul, but Aparna Vinod and her daughter Aradhaya did their own actions because the stunt team was with them. Aware of the situation that required so much reality, that in the midst of the bad weather conditions of the rain they did everything themselves and that the fog became a big challenge.

Naduvan Tamilrockres full movie review found presents the music of Dharan Kumar and a camera made by Nest. Dr. Karky, Burn and Mirchi have written the lyrics for Vijay. Stunt, timed by Vicky working in Uriyadi, and Ratsasan, will be the focal point of the film, “he said. The act director:” All players have done their job without being stupid.

The action was very risky and despite injuries, players such as Bharath, Aparna and Gokul worked tirelessly for the film. Almost all the shots were over and only a few were left. Sharang said the producer was writing.

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