Navarathna Tamil Dubbed TamilRockers Full Movie Review

Navarathna Tamil Dubbed TamilRockers

Navarathna Tamil Dubbed TamilRockers is an Indian Kannada action thriller movie directed by Prathap Raj, produced by Chandra Shekar CP under the banner of PR Film Studio. While actors such as Prathap Raj, Amith V Raj, Sharath Lohitashwa and Moksha Kushal performed, Vengi composed songs and Praveen Paul wrote background music.

When a Moksha wildlife photographer met Prathap Raj and his friend Linga, he went to Rathnavana Forest to capture a rare endangered bird species on camera. The Navsrathna movie will be released on February 14, 2020.

Navarathna Movie Story Line

Pratap Raj wrote, directed and directed the dialogue and was his hero. Without luxury, they realized their dreams in the shadow of a low figure. The backbone of the movie consists of songs from the movie and Moksha Kushal and Amit. Curiosity is the positive point of this film. This movie is accompanied by a flashback. It is a story of defeat, humiliation and hatred in the expansion of the empire.

However, the story has nothing to do with the search for the bird. Moksha even has a mission: to remove Navarathna chains, which she sees as a bad omen for those who have them. He also believed that the chain’s existence was the reason his father was in a hospital coma. Since anyone wearing a chain is in danger, Moksha plans to throw it in an inaccessible place deep in the forest.

Another side story shows a situation where a group of people, including foreigners, disappeared while visiting the Rathnavana Forest. The police have dispatched a search team and the investigation is continuing. Navarathna is a low-budget movie, so everyone recommends watching it in the cinema. It was certainly a comedic thriller that we enjoyed. It hit theaters this weekend on February 14. Watch this movie with your friends and family in the cinema and enjoy the movie.

Navarathna Tamil Dubbed

The title here tells a story, the movie poster tells a different story. But while watching the cinema, there are other gangsters who accidentally meet the audience. Believing in history, the mafia and history is the experience of seeing a new Zanner movie that combines these three elements. The Navsrathna movie will be released on February 14, 2020.

While Navarathna an attempt to please the audience with a series of twisted stories, the lack of research especially striking before it included in the story. The scenarios are not about the audience and what you have is a confusing attempt to dominate the story. In addition, the film can made with a processing time of at least 20 minutes, the order does not match and you may disappointed.

An important turning point in history is the continuation of the screen. This historical review that the directors find interesting. Wild. There is no turning back for the photo. The secret that has disappeared for those who have entered the forest has become a major problem for the police. The hero, girlfriend and heroine of the film go to the same forest. The hero wants to photographed, the hero wants to cross the forest and go to Bangalore.

Navarathna Movie Official Trailer

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