Pachai Vilakku TamilRockers Full Movie Review

Pachai Vilakku TamilRockers

Pachai Vilakku TamilRockers is an upcoming Indian Tamil drama film Directed by Maran. The film starring DR Maran, Imman Annachi, Dheesha, Sri Mahesh and Tara in the lead riles in this film. Music composed by Ravi Devendran.

A young woman from Deesha’s sister found a false friendship with a man, and the man abused her with a smartphone and blackmailed her to marry him. The innocent refused to love him, even tried suicide, and his family left his hometown. But the gang followed him and started torturing him.

Pachai Vilakku Movie Story Line

Ashwin Kumar is a road safety professor with a PhD and works part-time as a traffic police. One day he met Subashini, an engineering student with a two-wheeled helmet. He imposed a strange punishment on him: he had to write the traffic rules 100 times! But what started when a punishment turned into romance.

Meanwhile, the sister of Dheesha Vaishnavi (Tara) was arrested by a porn mafia who wanted a lot of ransom for porn videos. Ashwin is now joining the Dheesha family to help. Have you managed to frame the rest of the story Maran not only plays an important role, but is also responsible for the story, the setting and the direction.

Maran has focused on different areas, not only in the field of action, but also on taking a step in the right direction and writing dialogues and foundations in rapid development in other areas. In the first round, the director Maran focused on the social aspects that were transferred to the beneficiaries of the circulation agreements and to raise the awareness of women in the second round.

DR Maran and Imman Annachi in Pachai Vilakku

As a director, Dheesha made the most out of Tara and other newcomers. Imman Annachi is good. However, as an actor, Maran needs to improve his skills. The script is sometimes preached a little; However, the intention to convey good news is clear.

In this scenario, Ashwin tries to resolve the situation and shows the true face of fraudulent activities against women in gangs. The “Pachai Vilakku” team has made great efforts to make this film a success. Imman Annachi last movie is Butler Balu 2019.

Have you managed to frame the rest of the story. The first round concerns traffic rules and must respect them. The last part about the misuse of mobile phones and how women affected. The music of Devendhiran and the camera of Balaji are great. Although there some inconvenience, Maran must respected in expressing his causes.

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