Rendavathu Padam TamilRockers Full Movie Review

Rendavathu Padam TamilRockers

Rendavathu Padam TamilRockers is an upcoming Tamil comedy film C.S. Amudhan. The film includes Vimal, Aravind Akash and Richard, as well as Vijayalakshmi, Remya Nambeesan and Sanjana Singh. The production started in November 2011 and was completed in 2012. The film did not appear in the cinema due to the financial problems of the producers.

Amudhan promised that this film would have the same action, the same novel and the same quality as the thriller. Not to mention the parody. Irandavadu Padam is manufactured by Screen Craft.

Rendavathu Padam Movie Story Line

Cutter Suresh made a final cut in the Dindigul shoot, which produced by Padam under the slogan Screenkrafts Entertainment. The commercial filmmaker shows the greatness of Tamil Padam and is ready to launch the newest comic thriller Rendavathu Padam, which Kannan directed with the camera of Vijay Ulaganathan.

Amudhan rejected speculation about the title of the next film and named his film Irandavadu Padam. He sensibly mentioned the fact that the film was second. Yesterday he officially introduced the first appearance of the film in the media.

The one-minute teaser, published by Rendavathu Padam, has aroused public curiosity about the true nature of this film. The film also has an interesting title: Death March, Kuppa Thooti, ​​Aappu Anniversary, Adutha Paruppu and Roja Poo. Rendavathu Padam should be a fun movie for the public.

C.S Amudhan relieved when I met him with his friend-actor Richard. And why not, we think that Rendavathu Padam, which will be launched a year ago, will finally see the light of day. We greet and discuss quickly.

Vimal and Remya Nambeesan in Rendavathu Padam

The report has nothing to do with it. It’s just another story. However, if Thamizh Padam did not do it, he would certainly be part of the story. I just want to tell people that my parodids offend, they have to do it themselves. Do not hesitate to parody my work. I’m going to exercise.

CS Amudhan is a filmmaker who introduced Parodi to the Tamil people, a cult classic, with the hit from producer Thamizh Padam in 2010. Eight years later, Amudhan returned with Tamizh Padam 2, which broke the register’s records and surprised the trade with his approval. In a private conversation with Firstpost, Amudhan is open to the challenges of writing fake comedies.

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