Kanni Maadam TamilRockers Full Movie Review

Kanni Maadam TamilRockers

Kanni Maadam TamilRockers is the next Tamil country drama directed by Bose Venkat. Aadukalam Murugadoss plays a major role in the movie. Stars of Kanni Maadam Sriram and Gayathri, as well as Prince Valeena, Gajaraj, Super Good Subramani and Wisnu Ramasamy, as well as Rooby’s Hasheer’s movie. Bose Venkat made an honest film not only about the transmission of his strong message. But also about the demonstration of a strong bond between his characters.

Music director Hari Sai composed background music and scores for the film. Robo Shankar, Anthony Dasan, Chinmayi Sripaada and Shreya Ghoshal sang for this movie. When Eniyan turns the camera, Rizaal Jainy does the editing. The first appearance of the Tamil movie Kanni Maadam was revealed by actor Suriya. Rooby Films director Hasheer: “When Bose Venkat said the script. I was sure this movie would be a good story to invest in.”

Kanni Maadam Movie Story Line

Bose Venkat is one of the best actors in Tamil cinema, entering this emotional story against honor killings still found in Tamil Nadu. Will this honest attempt please the audience? Sriram Karthik was very impressive in his early days as a man with always grief in his eyes and a tragic past that he seldom has with the dialogue he speaks.

In the film’s final voiceover, actor Robo Shankar said, “I made my first projection singer with Kanni Maadam. Thanks to music director Hari Sai for giving me the opportunity. Bose Venkat will be a filmmaker successful and make more films. As an individual in chennai glad you respect the auto rickshaw job runs through this movie when you start your life.

Kathir (Wisnu Ramaswamy) upper caste of Madurai and Malar (Saya Devi), girl from lower caste, fell love and fled Chennai. The boy’s distant family helped them get home, but the girl had a secret purpose. Neighbors Anbu (Sriram Karthick) and Shanker (Aadukalam Murugadoss) start to help them. The films will be released soon in 2020.

Sriram Karthick and Saya Devi in Kanni Maadam

Actor Vijay Sethupathi said, ‘I’ve known Bose Venkat since the days of the Metti Oli television series. Kanni Madam is going to be a promising movie and I wish the whole team the best of luck. Sreeram Karthik, who played a major role in Kanni Maadam. Said Bose Venkat and I shot together for a movie and then promised to play a major role in the movie. Make me a hero.”

Bose Venkat we shot for a movie together and promised to become a leader in the movie. Said Sreeram Karthik, who appeared as a hero in the movie. I surprised that he remembers his words and chose me for the role. It a real dream for me and I would like to thank all members of the Kanni Maadam team for their help during my journey.”

Kathir’s angry parents still haunt her kill the girl, does the couple who discover the tragedy of happiness and widow Malar. Anbu, with a tragic past, interested in malaria, but a situation quickly arises in which a duo or a spectator becomes an unexpected problem.

Kanni Maadam Official Trailer

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