Sandimuni TamilRockers Full Movie Review

Sandimuni TamilRockers

Sandimuni TamilRockers is a new Tamil movie in 2020. This movie is a horror and comedy movie. The features of this movie are Natarajan Subramaniam, Yogi Babu, Manisha Yadav, Super Subarayyan, Mayilsami, Vasu Vikram, Harathi and others.

The music composed by Rishal Sai. Filmed in Palani and Udumalpet, Selvakumar Pollachi said all the action took place at a famous house in Meikarasapatti, three kilometers from Palani.

This movie a combination of previously released horror thrillers. Neither the attitude nor the execution were impressive. VFX is not effective. The dialogues have been incompatible with contemporary films for decades.

Sandimuni Movie Story Line

Natarajan Subramaniam and Manisha Yadav starred as a couple in this horror comedy in which the woman died, but her soul remained with her husband. For this reason, the film is unsurprisingly full of stereotypes, including villas, female characters whose lives end in tragedy, powerful spirits defeating black and blue, a hero of ghosts, scenes. the visual effects are not effective … the list goes on.

Civil engineer Sandi lost his wife in an accident. However, when she found a woman whose fate was exactly the same as her deceased wife, there was something different for her. Nothing special on the show. Everyone played what we gave them. This Tamil movie is made by Sivaramkumar. This movie poster released on December 31, 2019. This Tamil movie released in 2020.

“This story depicts a criminal who wants to confiscate large property. The elements of fear take the form of a fight between an evil spirit and a woman, and Sandi has been involuntarily imprisoned, “said the director. and added that a family feeling is central to this film.

The first director, ‘Milka S. Selvakumar’, said that the inspiration for her next movie ‘Sandimuni‘ came from the classic song ‘Manaivi amaivadellam iraivan kodutha varam’. A former colleague of Raghava Lawrence‘s choreographer-actor-director Selvakumar chose Manisha Yadav as his wife. “He really plays a dual role and has perfected Tamarai and Radhika,” he said.

Natarajan Subramaniam and Yogi Babu in Sandimuni

Sandimuni is a rehearsal of some dead horror movies that we have seen in Tamil cinema for years. The film is almost disastrous in stories, characteristics and scripts, a disaster. Certain regressive dialogues, infrastructure styles and staging sequences reminiscent of the films released several decades ago.

The main characters in the film are Natraj Natty, Yogi Babu and Manisha Yadav. Music director AK Rishal Sai composed the song and background for this movie. The producers released the trailer on December 29, 2019. In the 2-minute video, Manisha Yadav portrayed as a ghost. Yogi Babu and Harathi seem to be among the comic elements.

Sandimuni is not a unique story. This is yet another horror comedy thriller, a mix of all horror comedy movies from the past. This movie is nothing new and the scenery is not very impressive. The story is not there. The characteristics are also incorrect. The dialogues have been incompatible with contemporary films for decades. VFX’s work isn’t impressive either.

Sandimuni Official Trailer

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