Vanakkam Da Mappilei TamilRockers Full Movie Review

Vanakkam Da Mappilei TamilRockers

Vanakkam Da Mappilei TamilRockers is a 2021 Indian Tamil romantic comedy television film directed by M. Rajesh. This film Produced by Sun TV Network and Written by M. Rajesh.

Vanakkam Da Mappilei movie starring G. V. Prakash Kumar, Amritha Aiyer, Daniel Annie Pope, Anandaraj, M. S. Bhaskar, Jayaprakash, Pragathi, Reshma Pasupuleti, Soundarya Bala Nandakumar and Yogi Babu in the leading roles.

This film music composed by G. V. Prakash Kumar, Cinematography Siddharth Ranganathan and Edited work done by Ashish Joseph. This film Distributed by Sun NXT and released on 16 April 2021.

Vanakkam Da Mappilei Movie Story Line

Aravind (G.V. Prakash Kumar) and Swaminathan (Daniel Annie Pope) are two friends who, fearing for their love life, promise to get married on the same stage and drop out of college on the same day. Aravind meets Thulasi (Amritha Aiyer) and falls in love.

It was only the scene after the meeting that terrified Thulasi as he mimicked an interview opportunity to get in touch with him for making fun of himself and his mother. Swaminathan posed as a recruiter for the BBC and watching scenes from interviews is painful. After that, Thulasi fell in love with the Aravind.

But where we watch the family drama between Aravind and his family, there is an episode that is almost over. It’s the most impressive part of the movie, even if it’s too cute to be out of place. But he is proud of a movie like “Kaalam Pona Gangaaru” where most alliterations just don’t make sense.

Whether it’s because we developed Stockholm Syndrome in two hours, or because the story is finally unfolding, the last thirty minutes are totally fun and you start to think this might not be a bad movie until it’s kind of finished. Anything for unforgivable and unnecessary fun touches for single moms.

Romantic Movie

However, things did not go as planned. There were some good comedy series in Rajesh’s previous films. Bosses Engira Baskaran and Oru Kal Oru Kannadi are the best examples of comedy projects. She also follows the same kind of nanbenda boyfriend and the same loving mother formula in this movie.

The mother chose good actors for her roles and impressed the audience. He must have tasted better comedy in Vanakkam Da Mappilei. While some scenes are beautiful, not all of them are as striking as Boss Engira Baskaran. The background music and cinematography are good.

G. V. Prakash Kumar and Amritha Aiyer in Vanakkam Da Mappilei Movie

Vanakkam Da Mappilei has received positive reviews from internet users. Some internet users called the movie “the great stress reliever,” while others praised the acting skills of the main characters. Several users have taken to Twitter saying they don’t have the right words to describe the film’s journey.

And it seems everyone on the internet is loving this combination of romance and comedy. Some fans also like G.V. Prakash and Amritha Aiyer in the movie. Check out some of Vanakkam Da Mappilei’s movie reviews on Twitter.

Amirtha Iyer, Reshma, Anandaraj and Daniel Annie Pope, produced by Sun Entertainment for the live television premiere, also played the main characters of the film. Sources say Sun TV is also trying to broadcast in a movie theater, but the jobs have not been officially confirmed. Sun Entertainment plans to air the film on TV channels on April 14, if the owners of the film do not agree to broadcast it simultaneously.

Rajesh is currently waiting for an anthology called Korban, which will include short films by Venkat Prabhu, Pa Ranjith and Chimbu Devan. Meanwhile, G. V. Prakash Kumar has planned many launches such as Ayngaran, Adangathey, Jail, 4G, Kadhalikka Yarumillai, Bachelor and Aayiram Jenmangal.

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