The Prestige Tamil Dubbed TamilRockers Full Movie Review

The Prestige Tamil Dubbed TamilRockers

The Prestige Tamil Dubbed TamilRockers is an science fiction psychological thriller from 2006, directed by Christopher Nolan, based on a script adapted by his brother Jonathan from Christopher Priest in 1995. The story follows the rival theater magicians of London, Robert Angier and Alfred Borden until the end of the 19th century.

The Prestige IMDb Rating : 8.5

They are obsessed with creating the best landscape illusions and competing with tragic consequences. The film stars Hugh Jackman, Robert Angier and Christian Bale play Alfred Borden and David Bowie as Nikola Tesla. The film also includes Scarlett Johansson, Michael Caine, Perabo Piper, Andy Serkis and Rebecca Hall.

The Prestige Movie Story Line

In 1878, two young magicians collided in a dark room during a false session. From now on, their network of deception and perception becomes a network of secrets and revelations when they cannot agree on deception and destruction. Their rivalry was at the peak of their career, but with serious consequences.

Angier and Borden start their own magic races. Borden developed something called “Transported Man”, in which he walked directly between two stands at the other end of the stage. Because Angier cannot distinguish the Borden method, the trick is to use Gerald Root to make his own version.

Christopher Nolan has presented the mysterious story of two wizards whose violent rivalry has given them dangerous and deadly consequences for a struggle for superiority full of obsession, deception and jealousy.

Christopher Prestest, The Prestige (1995) is a novel that is more fun than reading. For the first time, the gradual exposure of the mystery makes many pieces seem confused or meaningless; However, once they understand what is happening, the reader can look with pleasure for the second time and carefully reveal the extraordinary puzzle of the monks.

The Prestige Tamil Dubbed

The Prestige was a very important story of an urgent puzzle, because the two Victorian wizards had launched an intense competition that had become a difficult game that increased thirst to thirst to discover the trade secrets of others.

When these two extraordinary men dared to fight against ambitions against desire, the appearance of science and friendship, the results were dangerous, deadly and completely misleading.

The Heart of The Prestige consists of two autobiographical stories, Victoria, Alfred Borden and Rupert Angier. The story of Borden a personal memory, possibly published under the title “The secret book protected by famous wishes”, but not presented here; There are peculiarities to use the word “I” to arouse suspicion.

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