Thumbaa TamilRockers Full Movie Review

Thumbaa TamilRockers

Thumbaa TamilRockers is an next Indian fantasy adventure comedy-drama film and written and directed by Harish Ram in the first part of the director. The film stars Darshan, Dheena and newcomer Keerthi Pandian play the leading role. The soundtrack of the film contains songs composed by Anirudh Ravichander, Vivek-Mervin and Santhosh Dhayanidhi. Second, it creates background music. The film received positive reviews on June 21, 2019.

Karthik also suggested actions and actions with expressions such as “kokki pot ezhukara” that complemented the general action. Pudhusaatam was sung by Anirudh Ravichander, who sang for this film with Vivek-Mervin and Santhosh Dhayanidhi. The predecessor of Thumbaa has the potential to film healthy children. It is as if we are concentrating on a central action that involves every tiger. However, this film looks younger when it focuses on three characters, because the writing in these sections is not satisfactory. The idea seems to make these games fun, but the comedy is fast and often spins, which puts our patience to the test.

Thumbaa Movie Story Line

First of all, we all know that there are not many quality films for children. What we don’t understand is why Indian producers don’t like the idea of ​​making children’s films. Even if they succeed, they stay with the clichés. This happened in a strange way because I am not a big fan of home-made animation films. However, I love Thumbaa very much and maybe the enthusiast in me is excited to enter a fantasy world that I don’t know. Maybe it’s sometimes good to escape the truth.

Thumbaa’s songs play and play like a refreshing wave around you. In many new releases, songs work that don’t work: touching / changing your mood. Three songs are fun and fun, reminiscent of their childhood as they walk around catching butterflies. Jilebara starts with a lively voice and blocks it quickly. Vivek-Mervin’s music is performed by the voices of Vivek Siva, Mervin Solomon and Jonita Gandhi, as well as the lyrics of Ku.

Thumbaa has an important message in times of human-natural conflict: the need for people to live in the desert. These are the adventures of three young people with open eyes. The two were Hari (Darshan whose achievements were not convincing at all) and Umapathy (Dheena, a fascinating comic book show) who were the best artists in painting. The third is Varsha, a Varsha (a playful Keerthi Pandian) who hopes to photograph a tiger. Meanwhile, a tiger, Thumbaa and his son have crossed the mountainside of Kerala and a group of hunters led by forest officials have planned to stop him.

Darshan and Dheena in Thumbaa

We do not know that fantasy is simply a long version of an exaggerated reality. Since Rajajikanth, star of Raja Chinna Roja, we may have come a long way with regard to special effects, but we can tell more about stories. His writing is not bad. It is also not good, but between the two. In general, Thumbaa is like Junglee’s Tamil filmmaker, without Vidyut Jammwal, in the story of a hero returning to save the forest.

Thumbaa gets his energy from the friendship between the main characters. Dheena is the backbone of the film and his line is largely empty. Thumbaa is his second film for Darshan na Kanaa. Somehow the body language and the way they continue their dialogue reminded me of Udhayanidhi Stalin. This film is a simple demonstration because it does not become melodramatic at its peak. Harish Ram stays true to his story and walks honestly through the forest to repeat the message about animal welfare.

Thumbaa Movie Official Trailer

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