Yogi Da TamilRockers Full Movie Review

Yogi Da TamilRockers

Yogi Da TamilRockers is an emerging Tamil action drama film written and directed by Gowtham Krishna. Produced jointly by G. Arunagiri and Che. Under the banner of Jatpatma cinemas, Rajkumar shows Yogi Da’s film Sai Dhanshika, Kabir Duhan Singh and Sayaji Shinde in the lead role.

Music director Issrath Quadhri composed the song and the information note for this film. S. K. A. Boopathi and G. Sasikumar are cinematographer and editors of this film.

For more than ten years, Sai Dhanshika has appeared in various films of his career and has selected some of the best roles. His performances in Peranmai, Paradesi and Kabali are worth mentioning. She won the Filmfare Award for best supporting actress for her roles in Pardesi and Kabali.

Yogi Da Movie Story Line

Produced by Yogi Da, Arunagiri and Che Rajkumar for the poster Jatpatma Cinemas, making Deepak Dev a music composer. Deepak recently started music for director Prithviraj Sukumaran, star of Mohanlal Lucifer. Yogi Da will in fact be the equivalent of Deepak Dev, who played Prasanna and Kavya Madhavan for Saadhu Miranda in 2005 and produced music for Saadhu Miranda. Our source adds more details to the songs from Yogi Da.

The film would have many actions, and in fact he would have the story from a single line We started a photo shoot in Coimbatore, where we plan to take photos during the day.

The film is inspired by the character of Dhanishika Yogi in Kabali Pa Ranjith. This film directed by Gautham Krishna and said to a film actor and a plot aimed at women. There has been filming in Coimbatore for some time. According to a Deccan Chronicle report, action choreographer Ganesh made a series of high-octane films with Dhanshika and other actors.

Sai Dhanshika in Yogi Da

In Yogi Da, director Gautham Krishna said in an interview with the Deccan Chronicle: orum, I can’t say too much at the moment. It is a high octane thriller that contains other planes, such as romance, emotion, humor, etc. h Dhanshika’s difficult composition, and even when I wrote the script, I felt that no one but him could do justice to the main character.

This film, shot with Sayaji Shinde, Marimuthu and Manobala, contains Kabir Duhan Singh from Vedalam, known as evil. The fame of SK Boopathy cinematography, the dialogue written by Gautham Krishna and Himesh Bala. Yogi Da will have the music of Israth Qudree, sister of AR Rahman, and will go for the glory of Tharai Thappattai G Sasikumar. The first performance of the film recently posted on Twitter.

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