3 Monkeys Tamil Dubbed TamilRockers Full Movie Review

3 Monkeys Tamil Dubbed TamilRockers

3 Monkeys Tamil Dubbed TamilRockers is an Indian Telugu dramatic comedy film written and directed by Anil Kumar G and produced by G. Nagesh under the motto of Orugal Cinema Creations.

The story tells the story of three friends who got into trouble after meeting the character Sunny Leone with Karunya Chowdary. The results are only getting worse with the Shatru character played by Kautilya.

Director Raghavendra Rao attended the pre-launch event of the film and blessed the film. 3 Monkeys directed by Anil Kumar 3 and launched as a comic thriller. Funded by producer Nagesh G of Orugal Cine Creations, it will appear on the screen tomorrow.

3 Monkeys Movie Story Line

After the latest updates, this actor accompanied by an actress named 3 Monkeys. The opening event of the film logo took place today. Naga Babu and Syam Prasad Reddy, Mega’s sister of Mallemala Entertainments, honored the event. G Anil Kumar will be the director and Nagesh G will record the film. All three now have many choices in different films and are currently enjoying their success.

Santosh (Sudigali Sudheer), Phani (Getup Srinu) and Anand (Jabardasth Ram Prasad) are friends who want to make love at all costs. With the help of pimps they hire Aasha (Karunya Chowdary) for this purpose. But after the start of her life, something mysterious happened. The way they solve the puzzle is everything.

For various reasons, there is no shortage of directors who support stupid stories. 3 Monkeys is another story in which director Anil Kumar G tries to bring an emotional drama into a story full of filth and failure. The film starts in a dramatic tone with scenes between mother and son, which makes him think he will see at least something reasonable.

3 Monkeys Tamil Dubbed

Jabardasth’s famous comedy show. The majority of Telugu viewers for the content and participation of artists in the program. When Bases first appeared in the series, many artists had the chance to shine in the film. Comedians Sudheer, Getup Sreenu and Ram Prasad now have the chance to shine in the movie Three Monkeyss.

There was no improvement in the second film, where the unpleasant crime story became a boring feeling. The immunity of filmmakers clear when women searched at work. The touch and emotional climax of the film increasingly invented. The only good thing about 3 Monkeys is the music of Kumar Kadari, who gave him his score.

3 Monkeys Movie Official Trailer

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