Choosi Choodangaane Tamil Dubbed TamilRockers Full Movie Review

Choosi Choodangaane Tamil Dubbed TamilRockers

Choosi Choodangaane Tamil Dubbed TamilRockers is a romantic comedy produced by Raj Kandukuri under the motto of Dharmapatha Creations, directed by Sesha Sindhu Rao, in Telugu. Shiva Kandukuri, Varsha Bollamma and Malavika Satheesan are the stars of this film.

The soundtrack for the film was produced by Gopi Sundar and the composition was produced by camera and fiction Vedaraman and Raviteja Girijala. The film released on January 31, 2020 and distributed by Suresh Productions.

Choosi Choodangaane Movie Story

Sesha Sindhu Rao, who worked as an assistant director led by Krish and Sukumar, has funded a megaphone for this film under the slogan Dharmapatha Creations. The film considered a romantic comedy and has Gopi Sundar as a music composer, Veda Raman as a cameraman and Padmavathi Visweswar as a dialogue writer.

The story is not as easy as reading. The plot specially built for young people or people who at the university. The script does not match the main character. If everyone looks mature, behaves and talks like teenagers, nothing will affect you.

Although the song is glorious, it doesn’t sound like the original. Gopi Sundar and Chinmayi had already entered this family area. This does not mean that the number is normal; It is full of emotions. The singer ensures that the nuance not lost by the listener. The words of Ananth Sriram are very deep. The line “Nambatthainaa alake raani, hrudayanni cheyyakoyi chulakana” takes the cake.

Choosi Choodangaane Tamil Dubbed

Raj Kandukuri, a popular filmmaker like Pelli Choopulu and Mental Madhilo, is ready to start his son Shiva with the film Choosi Choodangaane. Varsha Bollamma, known for his famous critical film Tamil 96, started his career in the Telugu industry and played with Shiva. Choosi Choodangaane presented by Suresh Babu with the slogan Suresh Productions.

He went out with him for a short time and threw it away. She disappointed and then another woman came into her life. They become good friends, but they do not express each other, so the woman engaged. She still broke her heart and missed it forever, but her ego prevented her from admitting her feelings.

The film released in January 2019 and ended in April 2019. Raj Kandukuri, who won the national prize and produced famous films such as “Pelli Choopulu” and “Mental Madhilo”, directed this film under the slogan Dharmapatha creations. The music composed by Gopi Sundar and released on the Madhura Audio label.

Choosi Choodangaane Movie Official Trailer

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