C U Soon Tamil Dubbed TamilRockers Full Movie Review

C U Soon Tamil Dubbed TamilRockers is a 2020 Malayalam computer screen film written and directed by Mahesh Narayanan. Fahadh Faasil, Roshan Mathew, and Darshana Rajendran play supporting roles on a computer screen opposite Saiju Kurup, Amanda Liz, and Maala Parvathi. Produced by Fahadh Faasil and Nazriya Nazım, the film was released on Amazon Prime Video on September 1, 2020.

This movie was shot entirely on the iPhone. After the release of OTT, the film received positive reviews from critics. It is India’s first computer screen movie.

C U Soon Movie Story Line

Jimmy worked as a client manager at Union National Bank in the UAE and was in a relationship with Anu, whom he met through Hangouts and Duo. Although Jimmy had never met him in person, he introduced Anu to his mother and cousin and immediately called the offer on video. Jimmy’s mother wants to know more about the daughter, and Jimmy’s cousin, software engineer Kevin, has asked for help to learn more about her. Kevin agrees and reluctantly discovers some basic information about Anu by hacking his IP address. Unknown to Kevin, his boss and friend Sanjana made a mistake on Anu’s cell phone to understand that Kevin suddenly attracted to him and reported him for not respecting his privacy.

Things get complicated when Anu calls Jimmy one day to tell him he really hurt when he broke his father Joseph’s face and seriously injured him. Jimmy, who loved Anu, took him home and his friend, Dr. Prescription Medicine. It Prashanth who advised Jimmy to report the incident to the police and also said direct contact illegal in the UAE. Jimmy then confronts Anu’s father about his actions, apologizes to him, and asks for Anu’s phone number. Jimmy shared it with him. Anu leaves Jimmy with a suicide tape and disappears. So the police came in and arrested Jimmy.

Fahadh Faasil and  Roshan Mathew in C U Soon Tamil Dubbed

To prove Jimmy’s innocence and solve the mystery, Jimmy’s family turns to Kevin for help. Kevin hacked his Facebook account and found that he had come to the UAE as a maid through an agency. Joseph Tharakan, the owner of the agency, has a daughter named Anu. Joseph recognized as a pimp who forced Indian girls who came to Dubai with a maid to prostitute themselves. Jimmy learned everything from his mother and was angry with Kevin for not asking for this. Jimmy thinks Anu has benefited from his relationships.

Kevin discovers that Anu’s last known location is the Indian Consulate General in Dubai. Further investigation revealed that Anu had exposed the prostitution cases to agents and that everyone involved  arrested. Anu sent back to India. Jimmy traveled to the United States to accompany his mother. Kevin asks Jimmy if he still loves Anu. Kevin also spoke to Anu and realized the two still in love. The movie ends when Kevin shares Anu’s number with Jimmy and asks him to call him.

In June 2020, Mahesh Narayanan announced that his next adventure was an experience starring Fahadh Faasil. Mahesh described the movie as more of a little exercise with an iPhone than a movie. It has also been announced that the film will run between 60 and 65 minutes (the last showing is 1 hour and 38 minutes) and will be shot in Faasil’s apartment. Although the film approved by the Federation of Film Workers of Kerala (FEFKA), it was the Kerala Film Producers Association (KFPA), as opposed to the film-related disruptions caused by the COVID-19 outbreak. Still, filming ended successfully on August 21.

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