Aakko TamilRockers Full Movie Review

Aakko TamilRockers

Aakko TamilRockers is an unpublished comedy film by directed Shyam Kumar, produced by Deepan Boopathy and Councilh Velu. The film Starring Geethan Britto and Tulika Gupta, Arjunan and Swaminathan play the lead role in the film, while Anirudh Ravichander composes film music and special performances in this movie.

Director Shyam asked Anirudh Ravichander to take on the role of leader. He also heard and liked the script, but Anirudh politely refused the proposal because he not yet planning to participate in the film. Under the influence of the story, however, he offered to print music for the film.

Aakko Movie Story Line

This movie Aakko actually means Aarva Kolaaru. Aakko a local slang in some parts of the city, such as Royapuram, and used to refer to very curious and enthusiastic children. Because this film talks about three young passionate people, we think this title is very appropriate. The three main characters currently played by Geethan Britto, Arjun and Swaminathan.

Aakko is Anirudh’s favorite script and one of the best scripts he has ever heard. He offers everything he can do and what he can do as a music director. Director Shyam Kumar. Producers Deepan Boopathy and Rathesh Velu from Rebel Studios responded and “Aakko’s first performance was with Anirudh. The popularity enjoyed by today’s youth has forced this movement at first sight.

The film, directed by Shyam Kumar, has a new place in mind. Shyam Kumar said: This story is about three curious and strange encounters of one night. It is a fun artist for viewers who want to laugh at them. Not for a certain age or class, but for every individual. The music of Anirudh is fascinating and will be a list of performances in 2014.

Anirudh Ravichander in Aakko

“We have completed the photo shoot in all sections except this number and when we done, we can continue with the audio stream.” The film revolves around three friends and their strange meeting at night. “Aakko has 5 spectacular anirudh numbers and is planning to get an advertisement from Amy Jackson and Anirudh soon, except that the entire film is over.

The music of the film was composed by Anirudh Ravichander. So far a song “Enakenna Yaarum Illaye” has published on February 14, 2015. The entire album announced on the official Twitter page of Anirudh Ravichander. The sound rights of the film purchased by Sony Music.

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