Aaviri Tamil Dubbed TamilRockers Full Movie Review

Aaviri Tamil Dubbed TamilRockers

Aaviri Tamil Dubbed TamilRockers is a new Telugu horror thriller film written and directed by Tollywood filmmaker Ravi Babu. The film featuring Neha Chauhan, Ravi Babu, Sri Muktha, Bharani Shankar and Mukhtar Khan are the main roles of the film. Aaviri should be released temporarily in October 2019 and Ravi Babu introduces this unusual theme, which is still trying to describe unexplored species.

The first appearance of Ravi Babu’s upcoming movie “Aaviri” is out today. On the poster a girl dances in a glass, while a long nailed hand opens the mouth of the glass. The poster has no other details, except that the film was directed by Ravi Babu and that it was a production of Flying Frog.

Aaviri Movie Story Line

Ravi said the close family of two parents and their two daughters would surprise the audience of Aviri. “There is a rule in the movie,” he says. Sometimes the smallest mistakes in life give the best results. “This film also reflects the way we train our children and our interpersonal relationships in small families.”

The poster has no other details, except that the film directed by Ravi Babu and that it a production of Flying Frog. The actor seems to influenced by horror films and thrillers, but he makes films with a reasonable budget. Again, he interested in his novel and used mostly newcomers.

The introductory scene with the death of the oldest daughter of Rajkumar Rao interestingly done and aroused curiosity. The girl who plays the youngest girl is doing well because her facial expression is very good. Hushaaru Priya Vadlamani played a key role in an impressive and limited screen space.

He directed documentaries on the Dharavi letters and television series such as Yudh, Humorous Love and Shaitaan Haveli, Ravi Babu, Sri Muktha, Bharani Shankar and Mukhtar Khan.

Aaviri Tamil Dubbed

After making films like “Avunu“, Ravi Babu launched his ambitious project with a pig called “Adhugo” last year. However, this film could not stand out like the previous one and elicited a strong response from critics and the public. Now it seems that she is showing her hope in this situation and what the results will be.

At the first appearance of Aviri, which recently released, two eyes looked through a pressure vessel through which steam drawn. The title and the poster itself are symbols of the emotional warmth that the hero faces, said Ravi Babu.

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