Annanukku Jai TamilRockers Full Movie Review

Annanukku Jai TamilRockers

Annanukku Jai TamilRockers is the 2018 Indian drama film directed by Rajkumar. The film starring Dinesh Ravi, Mahima Nambiar, RJ Balaji, Mayilswamy, Vaiyapuri, and Radha Ravi in the lead roles. The movie produced by Vetri Maaran and the music composed by Arrol Corelli.

In December 2014, Dhanush and Vetrimaaran announced that they would be making a new film with Dinesh, Annanukku Jai, directed by the controversial Rajkumar. Later that month, the team also agreed to sign a contract with Mahima Nambiar to relaunch the lead role of the film. However, the filmmakers abandoned the film and progress continued to stagnate in 2015.

Annanukku Jai Movie Story Line

Mahima Nambiar was contacted to play the lead role for women at Annanukku Jai. The actress last seen at Mosakutty and meets manufacturers to interpret Attakathi Dinesh’s love interests. A spokesperson for Mahima contacted the actress to play the female leadership, “there is no finale yet,” he said. According to ToI, the film will be directed by Vetrimaaran’s former Deputy Director, Rajkumar.

It’s been a year since she completed her roles in Visaranai, but Attakathi Dinesh still can’t ignore the sense of hopelessness that permeates the film based on the book Lock-Up. Even after the team completes several yoga sessions, you can relieve stress after being part of a movie that restores the cruelty of real life.

Now Dinesh has signed up for a political satire called “Annanukku Jai“. The director of the film is the former assistant of Vetrimaran Rajkumar. While Mayinesamy considered her father, Dinesh will appear in the film as a candidate for politicians. The story of this film about palm trees and set in Tiruvannamalai during the first 15 days of the recording. Filming starts on March 1.

Dinesh and Mahima Nambiar in Annanukku Jai

Rajkumar also gives us a lively atmosphere. Staging gives the film a lot of flavors and gives the characters the feeling of being in this place. There is also humorous humor that we get from the visual lines and jokes. But where the film is worth more, it is the thinnest way to discover politics. More importantly, it is not easy: use existing political developments as a reference to explain their purpose.

The movie starts slowly and takes a long time to finish. However, as history progresses and conflict takes root, the stages increase. While the story is largely predictable, the on-stage stressor captivates the audience. You might think that Dinesh’s motivation to take political risks is not presented convincingly. He looks sudden and weak, which asks us about your desire for success.

The love songs at the beginning are fun and time flies by. The film approached in a realistic way to illuminate the visual experience. The skill choreography is different, and the fight scenes in the second half surprisingly fun. The route goes in a straight line with impressive elements, but the river slowed at the end of the hero tracks.

Annanukku Jai Official Trailer

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