Savarakathi TamilRockers Full Movie Review

Savarakathi TamilRockers

Savarakathi TamilRockers is an next Indian Tamil Black Comedy Drama movie directed by G. R. Adithya and produced by his brother Mysskin. The movie stars Ram, Mysskin, Ashvatt, and Poorna. With music by Arrol Corelli, the film started production in November 2015 and its premiere took place in India on February 9, 2018.

Mysskin’s love of literature is evident in the fact that he named the hero of the film after the Tamil poet Kaniyan Poongundran after the Sangam era. Mysskin: “I can call characters Kaushik, Gowtham, or Santhosh, but these names will make no difference. But the name Kaniyan Poongundran was given to attract public attention. ” He said.

Savarakathi Movie Story Line

Poorna explained, “In the film, I play a pregnant woman, deaf and mother of two. The film set in a village and Ram Pak plays my husband. A very interesting character and I am very happy. After carrying out the project, at least half a dozen of my previous role would have been rejected by the actress.

Adithya, who has worked directly with Mysskin since her  first film, said she learned her trade from her brother. The Deputy Director in Anjathe and then promoted to Deputy  Director in Pisasu. “After Pisasu, I signed up with another company to make a movie, but it never worked. Last year, Mysskin shared a story he wrote. His story.

Director Ram said that Savarakathi would be a wonderful artist. “There won’t be many funny elements in my director’s film, but Savarakathi will be different. Mysskin turned to me about the script and I agreed, “said Ram. Savarakathi airs on February 9. Myskkin also prefers to express his love for the score of composer Arrol Corelli in this film, especially when he brilliantly composes his composer’s mother.

Ram and Mysskin in Savarakathi

After a brief two-year hiatus, he returned to K’town with Savarakathi and said it exciting to take on this difficult role. GR Adithya’s film has a megaphone that started some time ago and the directors of Mysskin and Ram play an important role. This actress believes that the character she plays in the movie one of the best she’s ever done.

Mysskin will lose weight due to his negative role in this Aditya film. “I’m losing about 15 kg for this movie,” Mysskin said. He said. Interestingly, the role for Poorna presented to six heroes and everyone turned down the offer. And Mysskin appreciates Poorna for playing this role and believes the Kerala-born actress has the courage to play this role.

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