Breaking News TamilRockers Full Movie Review

Breaking News TamilRockers

Breaking News TamilRockers is the next Tamil drama action film Directed by Andrew Pandian. The film Starring Jai, Bhanu Sri Mehra, Rahul Dev and Dev Gill, plays the lead role in the film. produced by Thirukkural Udhayam.

We were the first to announce that Jai would play the superhero directed by Andrew Pandian in the fantastic drama Breaking News. It is now known that Telugu Bigg Boss season 2 interprets Bhanu Sree. According to Jiiva’s Mugamoodi, Breaking News is the second superhero film of the Tamil film.

Breaking News Movie Story Line

Actor Jai will play the lead role in the upcoming movie Breaking News, directed by newcomer Andrew Pandian. Thirukkural Udhayam produced 90 minutes. The manufacturer has hired 450 visual effects technicians from different parts of the world. Dinesh Kumar was the visual effects supervisor of the film and Johnny Lal made a camera.

Ask Andrew Pandian, the director of this film, and say: “This is a software company, his wife Hari Priya (Bhanu Sri Mehra), who loves him dearly for Jeevan, an ordinary middle-class citizen fighting against altruistic militancy, injustice for work and family life, has done everything, but has been harassed by nature, has always left it.

Bhanu Sri Mehra, who previously worked in the Telugu industry, said: “I filmed a girl from North India in a separate film (stolen by Jai), I filmed 15 days, including two songs. Next month in Chennai I’m I have always been in the Tamil film industry and now I like to start my career.

Jai and Bhanu Sri Mehra in Breaking News

The problem exacerbated when your colleagues and friends naturally leave the company. He becomes a homeless man, destroyed by loneliness, homeless, without realizing that “God” has other plans with him. When a space meteorite touches the earth and enters her body, everything released.

With an inexplicable chemical reaction in the cells, tissue mutations and neutrons in the brain react to an invincible superhero.

All prizes awarded to producer Thirukadal Udhayam for his extraordinary attitude in supporting us throughout the process. “Breaking News” designed as a visual gift. The film contains 450 CG artists directed by V Dinesh Kumar. In the film, Johnny Lal and Anthony spoke about cinematography on the subject.

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